M1 Carbine Magazines

M1 Carbines are semi-automatic, short rifles first introduced in the late 1930s. They were one of the main firearms used by the United States Military from 1942 to 1973. Firearms and military enthusiasts still use and collect these carbines and their magazines.

Are M1 Carbines and magazines still being made?

During their initial production run, everyone from Winchester to General Motors produced the Carbine for the United States Military. The original M1 Carbine is a product of the late 1930s. Many collectors and shooters are surprised when they discover that the M1 is still in production. Several companies, such as Kahr and Inland, make replica models. Those same companies also produce magazines alongside other manufacturers like ProMag and Auto Ordnance.

How many rounds does an M1 Carbine magazine hold?

Different models carry different amounts. Vintage magazines often hold 10-rounds, which was standard for most models issued during WWII. Newer versions may hold 10, 15, 20, or 30 rounds. A few companies have even produced large drum magazines for the carbine, though these may be hard to find. They can usually hold up to 100 rounds of ammunition.

What type of ammunition goes into an M1 magazine?

Original M1 Carbines used .30 caliber or 7.62 by 33-millimeter cartridges. These cartridges were light but effective rounds designed for the weapons short, 18-inch barrel. There are a few replica M1 Carbines that fire other cartridges. Some of these include .22 LR, 5.56-millimeter NATO, and 9-millimeter.

Is it better to store carbine magazines loaded or empty?

Many gun owners prefer to keep magazines loaded for self-defense. For added safety, you can keep the magazine separate from your rifle and still be able to load the gun quickly by simply inserting the magazine into the receiver. If you have vintage magazines for an original M1, it is preferable to leave the magazines unloaded. That will better preserve them and keep them in working order.

Are M1 Carbine and M1 Garand rifle magazines interchangeable?

The Garand shares the M1 designation with the carbine. They both look similar as well, but they are different firearms. The Garand was a longer, traditional battle rifle. The carbine was shorter, lighter, and easier to carry. The United States Military used both weapons throughout World War II. They proved so effective in battle that they continued in service in Korea and Vietnam. Carbines are often considered to be simply shorter versions of a rifle, but with the M1 firearms, this is not the case. One major difference is that they use different types of ammunition. Different ammunition means that their magazines are not interchangeable.