Martha Stewart Living Magazine Back Issues

First launched in the winter of 1990, Martha Stewart Living Magazine soon became a must-have for all things related to home decorating, elegant home dining, and useful crafts. The magazine offers valuable information for many recipes and homemaking ideas. Whether you like traveling, gardening, sewing, or baking, they are entertaining and informative.

Are past issues of Martha Stewart Living Magazine available?

Yes, past issues Martha Stewart Living Magazine are available. Whether you're looking for a favorite one or want to be inspired by looking through back issues, you have a lot to choose from. If you are looking for retro trends, special articles, or projects, you will find that the magazine's past content is consistently high in quality, full of inspiration, and inherently timeless.

Are there crafts in Martha Stewart Living Magazine's back issues?

Martha Stewart Living is full of projects for paper and other materials. Whether folding paper flowers or creating simple, paper notes, you will find some unique patterns to try. There are also many holiday-themed ideas, so you'll find ideas for Christmas, Easter, and Halloween. You'll also discover different ways to celebrate the seasons whether it is winter, spring, summer, or fall.

What else is in Martha Stewart Living Magazine?

There's a lot more than crafts inside Martha Stewart Living Magazine, as you can read a lot of lifestyle content. Chefs and bakers can find tried-and-true recipes. There's an abundance of sweet treats, but if you're looking for healthy options, there are many of those as well. Home decorating is often the main theme, so whether you want a simple idea for a flower arrangement or want to see options for a way to decorate your bedroom, you are sure to find inspiration. Gardening is another area the magazine features. Looking for advice on how to grow a flower or vegetable garden? You'll find techniques to help your yard flourish.

What are Martha's favorite issues of Martha Stewart Living?

In 2015, Martha Stewart Living Magazine celebrated its 25th anniversary. At the time, Martha Stewart shared which magazine covers were her favorite. Here are a few of them:

  • Spring 1991: In this gardening-themed cover photo, Stewart stands in a greenhouse holding a flat of tempting vegetables.
  • August 1991: Sticking with the floral theme, this cover art focuses on flower arrangements.
  • September 1993: Playful in a ballerina tutu and tights, Stewart covers flea markets and the fair.
  • February 1999: Martha is surrounded by her three charming cats.