Revistas de interés para hombre Maxim

Maxim Men's Interest Magazine Back Issues

Since 1995, Maxim began selling their men's interest magazine in the UK, followed by its debut in the United States in 1997. Since then, it has released monthly issues, as well as annual anniversary and special edition versions, which feature actresses and other female celebrities in revealing outfits and positions. Back issues of the publication are available, allowing you to possess photos and stories of beautiful and interesting celebrities at their peak, as well as lifestyle, fashion, and other topics of interest.

What month does the Hot 100 issue come out?

The Hot 100 issue hits newsstands in a different season each year, depending on the international region. The United States version generally comes out sometime in the spring or early summer. There are collectible U.S. Hot 100 issues for March, but the majority of the international editions typically appear in the months of June or July. There are exceptions, such as the annual Australia version, which occasionally goes on sale at the end of the year, around October or November.

How many international editions are there?

The publication adds and scales back international editions each year, so the number of international edition magazines available will change regularly. You will find more than 10 international versions are in circulation at any given time and they are available in over 60 countries. Some of the international editions will feature the same models in different markets during the same month, particularly if they appeal to multiple countries, cultures, and languages.

Are anniversary editions available?

An annual Anniversary Edition - Special Collectors Issue is published in April. These editions celebrate the magazine's evolution and history. You'll find pictures and features of actors, models, and other celebrities, young and old, which are in some way infamous or notorious. Other features include celebrity events and occasions of note.

Can the collector's editions be protected?

The Collector Edition magazines are a standard 8.5-inch by 11-inch magazine size, as are most other versions of the published magazine, which allows you to keep them fresh and protected using standard office materials. You can preserve your magazines by using plastic magazine bags and storing them in a cardboard box. Simply place the box in a cool and dark room free from moisture and dust. Some Collector's Editions of the magazine may be available with protective packaging included.