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Mercury Boat Propellers

Boats require a propeller to move either forward or backward. The choice of your engine propeller rotates around factors such as the size, operation depth, and durability. Mercury boat propellers are of different types, including stainless steel, four blade, high performance, right-handed, and outboard.

What are the features of Mercury stainless steel propellers?

Stainless steel enhances the beauty of your propeller and is resistant to rust. Therefore, you should consider stainless steel propellers such as the Mercury Black Max, Enertia, and Tempest Plus. The Black Max propeller comprises a standard rotation over a 13.75 diameter by 15-inch pitch, a three-blade right-hand rotation, 15 splines, and a Flo-torque II hub kit. The kit comes with a splined insert, prop nut, keeper, hub, and thrust washer. This propeller can run boats at speeds of up to 50 miles per hour. In addition, it is easy to repair and maintain.

Tempest plus is a three-blade performing boat propeller operating at a fast speed. In order to boost the speed, this propeller has a rake that enhances the bow lift, thus reducing the drag. It also has a large diameter and a Performance Vent System that improves its operations in high motor heights.

Enertia ECO is usable in high-powered boats operating at over 200 horsepower. It is suitable for long distances with a three-blade propeller and large diameter. It has a Mercury X 7 alloy that enhances its durability.

What are the features of Solas propellers?

Solas propellers embrace an art process, utilizing geometry, theoretical calculations, prototype tests, and pilot production. They also use technologies such as CAD, CAE, and CAM in their make. Solas is usable with engine brands including Nissan, Mercury, and Tohatsu. Their features include

  • A traditional rubber hub
  • High percentage chromium, molybdenum, and nickel in their material
  • Resistance to rust caused by salt water, resulting in stable and durable blades
What are some features of Mercury outboard propellers?

Some notable propellers that are available include the Mercury Blackmax, Aluminum Outboard propeller, and Quicksilver Black Diamond. These propellers can help to ensure your boat performs at its optimal level. The mercury Blackmax is a three-blade propeller made of quality lightweight metals. Quicksilver Black Diamond is suitable for use with Mercury Mariner 6-15 horsepower and Force 9.9-15 horsepower. These combinations bring out a good performance, value, and durability. The aluminum outboard propellers are usable in up to 140 horsepower engines. They feature a spline tooth and are lightweight and durable.