Zapatos para mujer Michael Antonio

Michael Antonio Shoes for Women

Michael Antonio makes boots, pumps, platforms, flats, wedges, and sandals. Materials like glitter, suede, leather, and metallic accents are used to distinguish different shoe designs. Cutouts, lacing, and zipper details are also common among Michael Antonio brand shoe designs.

What styles of women's boots are available?

Michael Antonio boots come in different heights, materials, and designs. Chunky, stacked heels, skinny heels, and relatively flat shoes are all within this repertoire. Different elements like faux fur, metallic accents, and grommets help to distinguish designs from one another. Leather and suede are common textiles utilized in the construction of Michael Antonio boots.

What designs of women's wedges and platforms are available?
  • Women's wedges feature solid heels with a variety of different upper portions. Some feature cutouts and open toes while others are close-toed and have solid sides in many different materials, colors, and patterns. Fringe, patent leather shine, and suede finishes are some of the options available.
  • Women's platforms include diverse heel widths and drastically different silhouettes. Some shoes are built with an ascending toe, while others have toes that are flat to the ground. Some platform designs use cutaway designs and skinny strap detailing while others use chunkier straps for stability and different aesthetic appeal. Ankle straps, buckles, lacing, and mesh are all components of different platform heel designs.
What sorts of heels does Michael Antonio make for women?

Some pump styles utilize a stiletto heel with sequins and an almond shaped toe and others are bootie-style and hit mid-ankle with grommets and buckles. T-straps, side closures, and ankle straps in a variety of different thicknesses define different silhouettes. Some pumps are mule-style, with a solid, pointy toe, skinny heel, and ankle strap.

What kinds of flats and sandals are offered?
  • Flats are generally sneaker-style, platform, slip-on shoes. Thick, white rubber soles add traction and stability while adding a little touch of platform design. Different materials and colors like classic black make each style different to accommodate a variety of tastes.
  • Sandals use glitter, laces, grommets, cord, shine, and straps to create different shapes and models. Some feature chunky heels and cut away designs while others have skinnier heels and open toes. Bootie, stiletto, and platform styles merge with warm weather design to create a line of sandals.
How do you care for Michael Antonio women's shoes?

Caring for Michael Antonio shoes depends on the specific materials they are made from. Nubuck should be dry brushed to remove any dirt or grime prior to cleaning. Leather models can be wiped down with a damp, soft cloth and dried with a dry, soft cloth. Shoes with embellishments should be treated cautiously so as not to dislodge the decorations from the shoes. See specific care instructions on a pair of shoes for detailed directions.

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