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Mikuni ATV, Side-by-Side & UTV Carburetors & Throttlebodies

Mikuni American Corporation provides a variety of OEM and aftermarket carburetors for ATV riders. The company developed its carburetor and throttle body technology without any outside input. You can take advantage of its exhaustive research simply by installing some of its ATV parts in your quad as a weekend project.

What are some unique features of Mikuni carburetor units?

Mikuni VM units are based on unique round slide single boxes that are shaped more efficiently than those that most companies install stock on their quads. The company used data collected from national motocross champion Tony DiStefano to figure out a better shape for its units when it first created the VM series of carbs. As a result, its relatively tiny units feature all of the following:

  • Cylinder shape design
  • Forced-air intake system
  • Built-in manifold mounting adapters
  • Patented pilot jet gas and air mixer
  • Onboard internal combustion regulator

Why are Mikuni VM units called main jets?

Youll see the words “main jet” on many carb units Mikuni American makes. This refers to the specialized airflow system that these carbs use to mix a greater amount of oxygen than normal. By transferring more air from the carburetor to the engine, these units help burn fuel more efficiently. These give riders more horsepower as well as better fuel economy.

Can you use Mikuni throttle bodies with an original carburetor?

All round slide carbs are completely interchangeable. As long as the new body fits the original carburetor, you can mount them together. If you were looking at changing the carburetor anyway, then this is an excellent time to do it. There are some kits that include every part needed to swap out the body and carburetor with Mikuni equipment all at once.

Where are Mikuni carburetors made?

All of its carburetor kits feature a mixture of high-quality Japanese and American parts that are capable of working with engines from various manufacturers. The company shares carb design sheets with companies on both sides of the Pacific Ocean so that it’s always able to make kits that are compatible with the widest array of equipment brands.

Can a new carb reduce engine exhaust?

Mikuni VM slide kits can help tune your ATV to produce less exhaust. If your ATV doesnt burn fuel efficiently, then more carbon will go out the back in the form of waste products. A new carb can dramatically reduce the amount of wasted gas by tuning the engine itself to use more of it to generate heat and tractive force. This can help improve emissions figures if youre in an area that requires you to smog your ATV. It can also help you to generate additional horsepower, which is useful in competitions.