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Mortar and Pestles for Both New and Experienced Chefs

Grinding up your own spices or making your own sauces at home can be a delicious experience. A quality mortar and pestle at an affordable price takes the taste and experience to the next level. Find plenty of new and used mortar and pestle options available on eBay.

What materials of mortar and pestles are for sale?

Mortar and pestles on eBay are sold in a variety of materials. Most common are granite and porcelain. Most often, porcelain options are available in white, but porcelain is the most common material available if you are looking to buy a colored mortar and pestle. Granite selections are often a dark gray or black color.

Other materials available include marble, wood, and steel. You can also find replacements parts for sale in each of these materials. If you need to replace just your mortar or just your pestle, these are easily found on eBay as well.

Choosing the right mortar and pestle for the task

The different materials and sizes of mortar and pestles are matched for different tasks. Granite is a common material because the irregular surface material makes for an easier job grinding and crushing herbs and spices. On the other hand, the smooth surfaces of marble and porcelain work well when pounding ingredients such as garlic into a thick sauce.

A wooden mortar and pestle for sale has a smooth surface. Wood is ideal if you will be using the set for the same job repeatedly since the flavors tend to adhere to the wooden surface. Stronger materials, such as iron or steel, are useful choices for processing stronger ingredients without much extra work. Though each material is well-matched for specific tasks, any of these materials make an excellent choice for a home grinder.

Unique mortar and pestles on eBay

Aside from these common types of mortar and pestle, one-of-a-kind options are also found on eBay. Handmade mortar pestle combinations made from wood or natural stone are interesting and unique choices. Also, you can find cheap mortar and pestles made from more unique materials such as bamboo or fossils. Whether you are buying for yourself or for a friend, these special mortar and pestles stand out from the options available.

Large mortar and pestles suited for crushing or mixing large batches of ingredients are also unique finds. Though larger sizes are most often found in use at restaurants, they can be handy to have at home as well.