Pant Suit Mother of the Bride Formal Dresses

During the time before a wedding, the bride, her bridesmaids, and the mother of the bride seek to find formal wear for the special occasion. At the wedding, everyone is expected to look their very best. While the bride and bridesmaids often wear elaborate gowns, the mother of the bride sometimes opts to wear a pant suit.

What is a pant suit?

This type of suit is typically considered formal attire and is usually worn for work or formal occasions, such as a wedding ceremony. Pant suits consist of a pair of trousers and may include a blazer jacket combination to complement the top portion of the suit and the design of the pant. For a wedding, you can choose from a variety of styles.

What are some different wedding pant suit designs?

Some suits are made of lace material that may be crafted into flowers or other artful designs. The lace sleeves of the jacket or top may be fitted or loose fitting. Many times, the suits are made of a combination of sheer and lace fabric with the sleeves being long or short. Pant suits come in a variety of colors and some color combinations may be two toned. You can choose a more fitted style or a design that wears loosely around the body.

What sizes do the suits come in?

Pants suits come in different sizes that may vary depending on the design. The sizing ranges from petite to plus size. To find the size that fits you, be sure to compare your measurements to the suit guidelines. See manufacturer site for details.

What kind of undergarments should be worn with pants suits?

Wearing the right bra may influence how neat the suit looks. You will need to take proper measurements to ensure the band size accurately fits your body. The goal is to have a smooth seamless flow of material. The thickness of the fabric also makes a difference. For thinner fabrics, bras with lace or other textures may show through.

The type of underwear to wear with a suit depends on the type of suit. If you are wearing a loosely fitting suit, you can opt for more loose-fitting underwear. A boy short will do just fine with a loose-fitting pant suit. If you are wearing a suit that is more fitted to your body, you will want to opt for underwear that will not show lines through the trousers. Consider choosing a seamless pair of underwear to accompany your pants.