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Motorcycle Chains Sprockets Parts for Yamaha

Both the chain and the connecting sprockets play a huge role in the operation of a Yamaha motorcycle. A motorcycle chain connects the engine to the rear wheel, allowing the engines power to move the chain, which allows the rear wheel to also move. If any of these parts falter, then they need to be replaced with ones that work effectively.

What is an O-ring chain?

An O-ring chain is designed with a circular seal. These seals are found inside of the links in the chain. Seals serve the important purpose of maintaining lubrication and keeping out impurities such as mud and more.

O-ring chains are not the only types available for Yamaha owners. X-ring chains serve the same purpose as their o-ring counterparts. The major difference would be the seal design. Instead of the circular O design, the x-ring features an X-shaped seal component.

What are Yamaha motorcycle chains and sprockets made of?

Aluminum and steel appear as two very common metal materials used to make these chains. Sprockets can be made out of both steel and aluminum as well. Aluminum may be preferred by racers due to its lighter weight. Both metal materials add strong durability and strength to the parts, although steel is stronger.

What is a PTFE coating on a chain?

PTFE refers to polytetrafluoroethylene, which is the official name for Teflon. Teflon brings forth a number of attributes designed to address friction, temperature, and the elements when on a drive. Like any other drive parts of a motorcycle, chains and sprockets can wear out. To ride a bike with an easily worn chain brings forth potential hazards. The PTFE coating cuts down on wear, thanks to its protective layer. Even with the coating, Yamaha bike owners must still keep the parts clean and lubricated in order to ensure the proper and safe operation of the motorcycle.

What is the tensile strength of a Yamaha motorcycle chain?

Yamaha owners may notice that "tensile strength" appears as a feature. Tensile strength refers to how much pulling force and stress something can handle before breaking. On chain and sprocket combo kits, the average tensile strength of the motorcycle chain would be listed. It wouldnt be uncommon to see the average strength level on these parts be in the range of the 7000s to 10,000s of pounds.

What does maximum CC refer to?

CC is short for "cubic centimeters" and is a direct reference to cylinder capacity in the engine. In short, CC connotes the engines power on the bike. A motorcycle chain lists a maximum threshold amount for CC the part can handle. A part intended for a maximum 500cc Yamaha engine should not be placed in a 1000cc engine.