Motorcycle GPS Units

The Motorcycle GPS Unit Provides Recreational Durability

eBay offers quality motorcycle-car GPS products for any recreational navigation need. With three branded models on offer, and one unbranded model, the right GPS product completes your motorcycle-car navigation and recreational experience. Prospective customers may upgrade their iPhone to durability and motion functionality through dedicated GPS capability.

What quality GPS features should the motorcycle enthusiast look for?

Given the higher levels of vibration and, generally, harsher weather conditions on a motorcycle, dedicated GPS units provide better durability than the iPhone. Visualize trying to update an iPhone while riding with gloves. Glove-friendly displays are now a standard feature for many of the top-rated motorcycle GPS units as is custom software that lets riders map points along their longer rides and customize routes. The GPS units on offer at eBay carry multiple features, some of which are detailed below:

  • Bluetooth/Wireless ready
  • 3-D map view
  • Compass
  • Lifetime map and traffic updates
  • Water resistance

Motorcycle riders benefit from pre-loaded maps of the United States, Canada, and Mexico with lifetime map updates. Dual-orientation display aids navigation efforts. Wi-Fi linkage, smartphone connections, MP3 player connections, and unit weather construction drive use of the dedicated motorcycle GPS unit. The motorcycle GPS unit is more durable than car GPS installation as vibrations and heat factors from weather and exertion are minimized.

What are specific differences between motorcycle and car GPS units?

Multiple GPS display screen sizes fit both motorcycles and cars. Car GPS units are constructed for internal weather conditions, not changeable weather impact. Sound capability through motorcycle GPS units provides for driver target only, instead of car surround sound boosts, subwoofer, or amp needs within a vehicle. So, noise, weather, and heat conditions are solved equally between both vehicle types.

What are general GPS advantages?

A dedicated GPS unit provides that functionality that a handheld unit misses as commuters need that safe car travel for map and traffic report display and updates. Peace of mind is boosted. A lost traveler is easily found or rerouted. Additionally, the driver may find an out-of-the-way destination in real time, such as a restaurant, gas service location, shops, and other similar destinations. Whether a daily commute or family road trip, rely on the motorcycle GPS unit or car GPS unit to get you there safely. Why plow through construction sites and heavy traffic jams when you can avoid that stress and loss of time? Select the custom fit for your GPS needs on eBay and enjoy the road.