Equipo Protector De Motocicleta y Powersports

Motorcycle Body Armor & Protectors

Body armor and protectors are essential for motorcycle riders who face the risk of a spill or accident. A wide selection of protective gear is sure to increase your safety and meet your needs, whether you are looking for a motorcycle jacket for a casual ride or full body armor for sport racing or motocross. Choose from pads, protectors, and clothing to protect your body, chest, spine, and more.

What should you consider when buying motorcycle body protection?

The body armor or protectors you choose need to meet your needs and be comfortable enough for you to wear every time you ride. When choosing your armor, consider these factors:

  • Fit: Your armor should offer a good fit that does not restrict your mobility. Options with adjustable straps for sizing or those made from stretchable materials make it easier to customize the fit.
  • Coverage: Your armor should offer sufficient protective coverage to keep you safe. Make sure you have appropriate coverage for your chest, body, shoulders, back, and extremities.
  • Comfort: Your armor should be comfortable to wear. A breathable material and lightweight armor will increase your comfort.
What type of body armor or protectors do you need?

The type of protection you need depends on the situation. For casual motorcycle riding a helmet and pads may be sufficient. You will need more protection for other types of riding, including motocross and all-terrain rides. Motorcycle protective gear comes in two distinct categories:

  • Armored Clothing: This style offers full coverage protection gear and often comes with padding and built-in protectors. Armored clothing options include shirts, jackets, pants, shorts, vests, and bodysuits.
  • Guards and Protectors: This style allows you to select just the coverage you need. The individual pieces may offer greater freedom of movement. Guards and protectors include options for your elbows, knees, chest, and spine or back protectors.
How do you know what size motorcycle armor to get?

Motorcycle body armor sizes are divided into adult, youth, and child size ranges. Within these size ranges, the individual gear sizes closely mimic clothing sizes. For example, if you wear an adult XL jacket in regular clothing, you will likely wear the same size jacket in motorcycle body armor. Many brands provide a size comparison chart for your convenience. If you are purchasing full body armor with a built-in back protector, you may want to go a size larger in jerseys to go over this than you would typically wear.