Use a Nikkor 85mm f2 Lens for Quality Results

You can take a lot of photos using a Nikkor 85mm f2 lens. With a wide maximum aperture, the telephoto lens can be used day and night. Shop eBay for an array of new and used lenses, many with custom bundles.

How does the lens mount to the camera?

A Nikkor 85mm f2 lens is designed specifically for Nikon. As such, it will have the Nikon F mount similar to most Nikon SLR camera bodies on the market. You will remove the cap from the body of the camera and turn and click the lens into place. It can then be released by pressing the button on the side of the opening. If you don't have a Nikon F mount camera, you will need to get an adapter for the Nikkor lens to fit.

What can an 85mm lens be used for?

A Nikkor 85mm f2 lens is capable of being used in a number of photo situations. It has a slightly longer lens than a standard but is just barely a telephoto. As such, it can be used to take photos while standing a fair distance from the subject. Some specific types of photos you can take with this pricey lens include:

  • Portraits
  • Special events
  • Landscapes
  • Cityscapes
What are some of the available features?

A Nikkor lens may contain a number of desirable features. Consider what you want your lens to do. Several features may be available in one model.

  • Zoom: Don't be confined to a single focal length. Some 85mm lens zoom out to 300mm.
  • Autofocus: Focus in on a subject automatically.
  • Macro: Get close to a subject while maintaining extreme detail.
  • Image stabilization: Avoid a shaky look without having to use a tripod.
  • Built-in hood: Add a covering over the lens to block solar flares.
What might be included in a custom bundle?

A variety of accessories might be included in a custom bundle on eBay. This allows you to add to your photo capabilities and protect your equipment.

  • Filters: Add photo effects and compensate for various lighting conditions without having to use editing software.
  • Lens leash: Keep the lens cap connected to the lens while you're shooting.
  • Carrying case: Protect your lens when it isn't mounted to the camera body.
  • Adapter: Ensure that the lens fits the body if the mount type is not the same.
  • Cleaning kit: Keep the glass of the lens clean with cloths, brushes, and more.
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