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Napoleon Fireplaces and Stoves

Having a fireplace or stove in your home adds an attractive touch and can provide an effective means of heating a living space. Napoleon designs a wide array of these appliances with many features, providing you with options to suit the style of your home.

What types of stoves does Napoleon offer?
  • Gas stoves: Napoleon gas-burning stoves run on either propane or natural gas. These free-standing pieces have high heating efficiencies and are tidy.
  • Wood stoves: These cast-iron wood-burning stoves are known for their energy efficiency and long-lasting performance.
  • Pellet stove: These free-standing Napoleon stoves utilize an environmentally friendly means of warming your home by burning renewable energy.
What are the features of Napoleon wood stoves and fireplaces?

Napoleon prides itself on the quality incorporated into their wood stoves and fireplaces.

  • Heating efficiency: Years of research have allowed Napoleon to create wood-burning fireplaces and stoves that have a heat output of 40,000 BTU and up.
  • Clean: Napoleon's wood-burning fireplaces and stoves use specialized air-flow technology to prevent smokiness by quickly directing the smoke out of the back of the firebox, keeping the glass of these wood stoves and fireplaces clear.
  • Easy loading: Napoleon wood burning models feature lightweight doors so that loading wood is easier.
  • Fast startup: Many of the Napoleon wood-burning fireplaces utilize air induction across the bed under the wood for fast starts.
What is a wall-hanging fireplace?

Napoleon offers a variety of electric wall-hanging fireplaces that are designed to be hung on or fully recessed into a wall. Napoleon wall-hanging fireplaces bring a modern look and come with different colored flames, including blues, purples, oranges, or a combination.

What are the features of Napoleon outdoor fireplaces?

Napoleon manufactures a series of outdoor fireplaces that are gas burning. These Napoleon fireplaces are a great addition to an outdoor space. They provide an aesthetically pleasing touch and can make the outdoor space feel cozy.

  • Weatherproof: The finishes on these Napoleon fireplaces are weatherproof, helping them maintain their pristine look through the seasons.
  • Wind deflector: Outdoor Napoleon fireplaces are commonly built with wind deflectors to keep the flames burning in windy conditions.
  • Safety valve: In situations where the wind or other weather conditions cause the flame to go out, some Napoleon fireplaces incorporate a valve that cuts off the supply of gas.
  • Design: Napoleon provides a range of designs, such as slimmer styles for pillars and small spaces and elongated styles for larger spaces.