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Buying Guide for SAS Expander Cards

Looking for more storage space for your office computer? Look no further. eBays stellar selection of SAS Expander cards can free up a ton of space on your hard drive or SSD card.

How do you connect a SAS Expander card?

Installing a SAS Expander card is a straightforward process. Below is a quick rundown of the process:

  • 1. Install the bracket with included installation hardware (screws and bolts).
  • 2. Connect the provided cables in your kit to the Expander card.
  • 3. Route these cables to the target SAS card.
  • 4. Connect the appropriate ports to their assigned places on your hard drive, SSD, or other storage device.
Are there different versions of these cards available?

eBay has a large selection of affordable SAS Expander cards available. Sizes range from 6Gb Expander cards to 12Gb Expander cards. Because the functions provided by these cards are so valuable to businesses, several companies have crafted their own versions of the hardware. Available on eBay are new and refurbished versions of some of the most popular and well-liked models in the space. Below are a few of the more prominent options:

  • HP DL380
  • Dell PERC H730
  • Asus PIKE LSI
  • IBM 46M ServeRaid
  • Lenovo ThinkServer
What are some features of SAS Expander cards?

These Expander cards feature an abundance of performance and productivity features for you to enjoy. Here are some of the standouts:

  • Flexibility: Expanders are able to use either RAID or JBOD depending on their target device. This translates to easy swapping between different SAS cards without concerns over headaches like compatibility and software updates.
  • Native Functionality: Installation does not require any special adapters or software drivers; the devices will work perfectly immediately after they have been hard-installed inside your PC.
  • Intuitive Design: These cards only use a single transfer cable per unit. You wont need to worry about managing multiple, similar-looking cables.
  • Upgrade-Friendly: Expander cards can be stacked. If one expansion isnt enough for you, these devices easily allow you to add more storage space later down the road.
  • Eco-Friendly: These cards are compatible with low-power connectivity options like SATA cables and SSD cards, which can help you save on power costs immensely.
What is an SAS Expander Card?

SAS Expander cards are useful and intuitive pieces of hardware that offer a lot of benefits for both business and personal applications. They allow you to enjoy more storage space on your Serial Attached SCSI or SAS cards. SAS cards are what enables networks of PCs to move data from their hard drives between one another. Expander cards allow for more data to be moved with each individual transfer. Expanders with exceptionally large storage capabilities can allow these exchanges to be made at significantly faster rates as well. In short, they are immensely valuable productivity devices.