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Photography Extension Tubes for Nikon Products

An extension tube that's designed for photography equipment can help you operate a camera in a tactical way during shooting situations in distant environments. These tubes enhance focus and zooming functions by modifying key components that influence how a camera detects a focal plane. Many of these extension tubes are compatible with various series cameras by Nikon.

What are the design specs for a general extension tube?

Extensions tubes are built with various hardware options that include different design configurations. However, typical extension tubes will have general features that can impact how images are shot. The main features are:

  • Optical hardware: The hardware that powers an extension piece gives a photographer opportunities to take pictures from a distance without worrying about grainy results. This is possible because an extension product boosts the focal plane strategically so that optical quality doesn't decrease.
  • Metal construction: Extension accessories are constructed out of a dense metal material. This material is layered over the housing, and many etched grooves are typically scattered on the adjustable portions around the outer frame to simplify the process of rotating the zoom mechanisms.
  • Modification options: Because extension products are engineered with hardware that's compatible with photography solutions by other brands, many extension pieces can be used in a variety of combinations. By taking advantage of specific combinations, you can generate various macro effects.
How does an extension tube enhance photo shoots?

Photography lens extension pieces are substitution options for traditional macro lens. When these accessories are used instead of a macro lens, they give photography equipment shooting elements that are similar to macro lens.

During a shooting situation, you can use a camera mount adapter and a lens mount adapter individually with an extension tube since a typical extension piece doesn't have optical components. No matter how a photo is shot with extension tubes, the image will have its general optical properties. As a result, by using an extension product, you won't have to upgrade your entire photography hardware to generate the shots that traditional macro lens provide.

How does an extension tube mount in place?

These accessories mount in place on the spot where you typically attached a traditional lens. After an extension piece is secured, you can make focus adjustments by twisting the housing. If multiple lenses are mounted, the labels on the extension housing will simplify the adjustment routines. By using 28mm, 14mm, and 7mm extension tubes, you can achieve a practical focal range. See the manufacturer site for details.

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