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Noritsu Darkroom Processing Finishing Equipment

Old-school, film-based photography requires the use of high-quality darkrooms filled with the proper tools and processing items. There are many pieces of affordable darkroom equipment that you can find on eBay for your developing area.

What kind of parts are available?

When buying parts for your darkroom, it is essential to know what is available. A high-quality developing room needs to take into account all the aspects of your development process. Just a few parts that you can buy include:

  • Rollers ? These help to press your developing photos and eliminate water while also keeping the ink in good shape.
  • Timers ? A good timer is an essential piece of darkroom equipment. Without a timer, you won't know when to take your photos out of the solution.
  • Trays ? High-quality trays are necessary for holding your developing fluid. Owning multiples ensures a dirty tray never delays your photography.
  • Processing Equipment ? These items are designed to help improve the appearance of your photos in a variety of different ways, such as eliminating specific bands of color.
  • Dark Lights ? Lighting in a development room has to use specific bands of light, and there are many items available to help you meet this task.
Is enlarging equipment available for a darkroom?

Darkroom equipment often includes high-quality enlargers. These items will take the photos from your cameras and enlarge them to meet your unique demands. Enlargers are available for multiple types of cameras, including 50 mm and even 125 mm models.

There are many types of enlargers that you can consider, including Beseler models. Each will have a lens that captures the image from your negative. It will then project it onto a larger sheet to improve its appearance. Enlarging models like these are necessary for many types of photography.

Is this equipment compatible with digital cameras?

Most of the time, you aren't going to need a darkroom if you have a digital mode. That's because these models use computer-based development for their enlarging process. However, some new and used darkroom equipment is available for digital models.

For example, you can take an image and feed it into a Beseler to increase its size. It is also possible to transfer these photos into a darkroom to create different types of darkroom effects. These effects can enhance your photos and make them seem like they were printed on film.

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