Cigarrillos de tabaco de colección Old Gold

Old Gold Collectible Tobacco Cigarettes

Old Gold collectible tobacco cigarettes are a vintage product that is available in many different styles. These smoking items were sold for over 100 years before the original company was purchased and liquidated in 2015. Their history makes them a brand that some may be interested in knowing more about or collecting.

Who produced Old Gold Collectible tobacco cigarettes?

The Lorillard Tobacco Company produced Old Gold tobacco cigarettes starting in the last 1800s. This group created a variety of other cigarette brands, including Newport, Maverick, Kent, True, Satin, and Max. Newport offered menthol cigarettes.

Brands such as Old Gold used cartoon mascots and advertised in magazines, newspapers, and on television. One example is the 1970 print ad of cowboys around a campfire smoking Marlboro cigarettes. Another print ad is the ice skating woman pin up ad, advertising Old Gold cigarettes. These older and collectible cigarettes and tobacco product ads that played across all states are often very different from those sold today, like the Camel ads.

What kind of products did Lorillard Tobacco company create?

Lorillard Tobacco Company produced a variety of items for smokers and those who enjoyed occasional smoking. For example, they mass produced a variety of different cigarette brands and types. They adjusted their manufacturing methods when it was stated that smoking could be harmful and cause lung diseases. These changes included lighter and less tobacco-heavy types. Light cigarettes included products like Old Gold Light and Old Gold Straights that had reduced nicotine and tar. The companys cigarette advertising reflected this change, too.

They also produced loose tobacco that could be rolled up to create personalized smoke items. This loose tobacco was often available in tins or pouches. Older types of tobacco they produced included snuff, chew, cigars, and pipe tobacco. As a result, there are many types of products available for those interested in this brand. Old Gold chewing tobacco is an example.

Beyond smoking items such as these, Lorillard Tobacco Company also used many marketing items to appeal to smokers. Advertisements in magazines and billboards are often available. There are also many videos that feature these ads that showcase the history of tobacco and nicotine marketing. Other items like Old Gold Lights playing cards, Old Gold cigarette buttons, and Old Gold chess game pieces are available.

What materials are used for Old Gold Collectible tobacco cigarettes?

Building smoking items like these require few materials. The tobacco is carefully picked and dried before being broken apart into a powder form. Then it is rolled up in a stable form of paper and sealed to ensure it is strong enough to withstand damage when packaged and shipped. Other items, such as preservatives and flavoring, may be added to increase the cigarettes taste.

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