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Understanding the Basics of Wide-angle Camera Lenses

For almost a century, Olympus has been a manufacturer of optics and photography equipment. The company produces wide-angle lenses that include a variety of features and are available in various styles, focus types, focal lengths, and aperture sizes. If you are searching for Olympus photography accessories, knowing some answers to common questions about wide angle lenses may help you narrow your search and find the product that works for your needs.

What is a wide-angle lens?

In the photography industry, this type of lens refers to one that has a focal length that is smaller than that of a "normal" lens. In photography, a normal angle is one that is able to reproduce a field of vision that seems natural. The smaller focal point of a wide-angle shot allows you to capture more of the background scene along with your primary subject. Some wide angle devices may be able to accommodate zoom lenses for additional effects.

What are some uses and characteristics of wide angles?

A lens with a wide angle may offer you some advantages over other lens types depending on your specific situation. In terms of characteristics, longer lenses help to magnify your primary photographic subject while blurring out the background. They may also help to magnify the apparent distance between two objects in the frame. Some potential situations or industries in which a lens with a wider angle may prove useful to you include:

  • Architecture or landscape photography: These are locations where you may not be able to move far enough away from your subject to capture more of the scene.
  • Size difference: This allows users to emphasize the apparent differences in distance or size between two or more objects in the foreground and background of a shot.
  • Added clarity: You can use this lens type to make objects in the foreground seem more striking while capturing a large amount of the background at the same time.
  • More shot options: Lenses with wide angles typically allow for more tilt and shift movements and a larger field of view through the aperture.
Are there different focus types for these lenses?

You can select lenses in wide-angle formats in a variety of focus types. If you are looking for a specific type of lens to meet your needs, you can choose from the following common options:

  • Automatic focus
  • Manual focus
  • Dual manual and autofocus
  • Fixed focus
  • Zoom lens or fixed focal length lens
What are some common maximum apertures?

When choosing a lens that works for you, you will need to select a maximum aperture size that is acceptable to you. The aperture size regulates how much light passes through the lens and onto the film during an exposure. Some common sizes for this part include:

  • f-1.2
  • f-1.4
  • f-1.8
  • f-2
  • f-3.5
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