Brighten Your World With LED High Bay Lighting Solutions

By offering a large assortment of brands, sizes, styles, and wattage, eBay makes it easy to find the LED lighting solution for your situation. LED high bay lights are safe, enduring, and powerful, making them an easy option no matter the location or requirements. Whether you need large packs of economy fixtures, subtle box lights to illuminate corners, or powerful hanging lights for barns and shops, brighten your world with a combination of size and power with lights from eBay.

How is high bay lighting different from traditional lighting?

Traditional lighting (i.e. lamps, ceiling fans, and other common household fixtures) is usually appropriate for small enclosed spaces, such as homes, medical offices, and small businesses, where lights enhance the décor. Traditional lighting usually varies a good deal in style and very little in strength or output.

High bay lighting is generally required for large, industrial, or highly active locations, where good lighting is needed for safety and comfort. There are numerous styles available, but the emphasis is on power and convenience. Common uses of high bay lighting include:

  • Warehouses and storage spaces
  • Department stores
  • Factories
  • Large offices or classrooms
  • Barns, garages, or workshops
How do LED lights compare to other high bay fixtures?

When it comes to high bay lighting solutions, there are four common options: metal halide, high-pressure sodium, fluorescent bulbs, and light emitting diode (usually known by the household abbreviation LED). While there are uses and merits to each, LEDs tend to far outshine the competition in several ways:

  • LED versus metal halide: Metal halides are generally seen at sports arenas and events, or large warehouses, where high-powered lighting is essential. However, metal halides are prone to flickering and take a long time to warm up adequately while producing large amounts of heat. LED lights of the same size share none of these problems, and are safe and efficient.
  • LED versus high-pressure sodium: High-pressure sodium lights have generally long lifespans, thus their presence in industrial environments that require nonstop lighting. However, similar to metal halide lights, they require long warm-up periods and have terrible color rendering. LED lights are immediately effective, and are available with a high color rendering index (Hi-CRI LED).
  • LED versus fluorescent: Typically used in cubicle environments, doctor or dentist offices, and classrooms, fluorescent lighting is generally efficient. However, it produces certain amounts of toxic mercury, which can be dangerous after long exposure and have long health code regulations concerning disposal. LEDs are safe and equally strong and efficient, and are seen more frequently on industrial fronts.
What are the main benefits of LED high bay lighting?

There are three main benefits to LED high bay lighting:

  • Lowered maintenance requirements
  • Increased level of light and energy efficiency
  • Increased light quality