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How to Choose Overwatch Figures

When you're a gamer obsessed with Overwatch, you not only want to play your favorite title on a daily basis, but you need to have everything and anything featuring characters from this action-based shooter game. One of the most appealing types of merchandise for many fans to collect is action-figure toys created in the forms of the game's characters.

What Are Some Figure Types?

There isn't just one type of Overwatch figure, as there are several types and styles when it comes to choosing figures, with size being a consideration as well. Think about the types of figures you want to collect, or you can mix it up and purchase toys of all shapes and sizes to create an eye-catching collection.

  • Blind-box figures are also called mystery figures. These come in small sizes that are generally just a couple of inches. The boxes all look the same, but you don't know which character you're getting until you open the package. There are several series of Overwatch vinyl blind-box figures that are called Cute But Deadly.
  • For display purposes, statues are three-dimensional figures typically made of better materials than action figures are. They sometimes come with stands that you can use to display them on a shelf.
  • Pop! vinyl figures are 3.75 inches tall and are highly collectible due to their variety of character options and affordability. They are typically released in waves, adding more and more options for purchase.

Which Brands Make Figures?

Overwatch figures are made by numerous brands that create video-game toys and other types of pop-culture merchandise.

  • Blizzard makes a wide variety of Overwatch action figures. These Blizzard Entertainment figures come in many types, including the Cute But Deadly blind-box series along with statues, larger figures, and vinyl figures as well as figural keychains.
  • Funko creates Pop! figures. These are typically small, but it often makes special 6-inch designs too. Both sizes are available in Overwatch themes, with several characters from the game. These are made of vinyl and are lightweight, making them both sturdy and collectible.
  • Check out Diamond Comics' realistic representations of some of the game's stars, which are detailed and artistically rendered. They also range in size, with many including bases that you can use for display or play.

Which Characters Are Represented?

Overwatch is categorized as a shooter game, but it's also considered an action-adventure title. Multiple players can engage in it at one time, and it was released in 2016 for numerous platforms, including the Xbox One and PS4.

  • The game has been lauded for having a strong female star. Tracer is a hero with double pistols and time-movement skills.
  • Reaper has two shotguns and numerous abilities, such as the ability to transform into a wraith or shadow.
  • A cybernetic warrior, Doomfist is known for his Rocket Punch.

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