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Enhance Your Photography With Macro/Close-Up Camera Lenses

Whether you want to capture every detail of a ladybug or have just spotted a butterfly in your backyard, a macro or close-up camera lens will allow you to capture a larger than life representation of the subject. These Pentax macro lenses can be equipped with a range of maximum apertures that extend from f/1.4 to f/5.6. They can also come with a fixed focal length or a zoom length, the latter of which includes a range of lengths from which you can select.

Which Pentax camera types are these lenses compatible with?
  • Digital SLR: This is a type of digital camera that makes use of interchangeable lenses and is outfitted with a single-lens reflex system. These devices have digital sensors and come with both automatic and manual settings that you can switch between.
  • SLR: This is a type of single-lens reflex device that captures images on photographic film and comes with an electronic viewfinder. They are also outfitted with a range of manual settings, such as manual exposure and manual focus.
  • Mirrorless: This is a device that comes without a series of mirrors within the body and is equipped with a digital sensor along with the ability to accommodate interchangeable lenses.
  • Point-and-shoot: These devices are designed to take pictures without the need to alter the settings too much before snapping the photo. They come with retractable lenses as well as a large number of automatic settings.
Which focus types come with these macro lenses?

The following focus types can be found with these macro lenses:

  • Auto: This is a focus system that uses a small motor along with the sensor of the device to handle all of the focus alterations for you, which means that the focus will automatically be changed before you take the picture. The subject of the photo can be changed automatically or manually before the autofocus system kicks in.
  • Manual: This is a type of focus system that requires you to change the focus by hand before taking each picture. This can be done by moving the focus ring that is usually found toward the front or base of the macro lens.
  • Auto/Manual: Some lenses can accommodate both automatic and manual focus systems, allowing you to switch from one to another whenever you want. The switch that provides you with the ability to do so can usually be found in the middle of the lens.
What does the focal length of a macro lens mean?

The focal length of a macro lens refers to the distance from the macro lens to the sensor of the camera. By changing the focal length, you can focus more or less on a specific subject in the frame. Lower focal lengths result in an image that comes in a wide-angle and captures more of the scene in front of you. A higher focal length can lead to a picture that is magnified and has a narrow field of view. The focal length amounts available with these macro lenses extend from 12-200 millimeters.