Perfect Fitness Pull Up Bars

Perfect Fitness Pull-Up Bars

The Perfect Fitness program is inspired by the Navy Seal training program, and its pull-up bar is equipment to help you to complete your workout routine. Since this pull-up bar can be set up in your home, you can exercise without having to go to the gym. You can perform exercises using this pull-up bar designed to target a range of muscles including the arm, chest, and back.

How do you install the Perfect Fitness Pull-up Bar?

One of the advantages of this fitness tool is that it can be installed on standard door frames at home or wherever you choose to work out. Heres how you put the pull-up bar on a doorframe:

  • Mount the J-brackets: After using the brackets as a template to drill holes, use the screws to securely mount each bracket on the inner sides of your door frame.
  • Add the side-pivots: Mount the side pivots 13.24 inches beneath the installed J-brackets.
  • Mount the swing arms: Place the swing arms on the pull-up bar and then mount the swing arms on the side pivots by lining up the big holes in the swing arm with the head on the pivot brackets.
  • Tighten your pull-up bar: Swivel the pull-up bar up to the J-brackets, adjust the fit, and tighten the J-brackets.
What exercises can you do on a pull-up bar?

There are a lot of ways to work out your muscles with the Perfect Fitness equipment. It can be used to perform exercises that specifically target your chest, arm, and back. However, there are also some exercises you can do that are intended to increase leg or core strength. Some options include the following:

  • Pull-ups: In a standard pull-up, you hang from the bar and then bend your arms to lift your chin up. These exercises can be done with simple body weight, or you can add additional leg weights to work out your arms even more.
  • Leg raises: You can exercise your core, abs, and legs by hanging from the bar while doing leg raises.
  • Chin-ups: A chin-up is similar to a pull-up, but you lean back and lift until your torso touches the bar. This works your lateral muscles.
  • Leg twists: Hang from the pull-up bar while you slowly twist your core and lift your legs to the left and right. Also called "windscreen wipers," this exercise is intended to target your abdominal muscles.
How much weight can the pull-up bar hold?

The Perfect pull-up bar is designed to hold up to 300 pounds of body weight.

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