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How to Choose the Right Laptops and Netbooks

As an everyday item, laptops and other computers can be personalized with different colors. Of course, laptops can come in a whole range of colors, from standard grays and blacks to more vivid colors like pink. One brand that offers a line of pink laptops, among other colors, is Dell.

What are Some Important Design Features of Laptops?

Whether their color is pink, gray, or black, laptops have certain design aspects that are useful to take note of, like:

  • PC Screen: Providing a display for your laptop, the screen is an essential part of any PC. Many laptops are ideal for watching movies or gaming thanks to their HD or Full HD displays that benefit from 720p and 1080p resolutions, respectively.
  • Touchscreen: While traditionally notebooks were operated using their keyboards, many now like the Dell Inspiron can be controlled via touch thanks to their touchscreens.

What Technical Components Matter with Notebooks?

A laptop's power and utility usually comes down to the technical components that it is built from. These include:

  • Computer Processor: Determining the speed and power of the notebook, the processor is a crucial component of any computer. The speed of a processor is measured in GHz and processors that are dual-Core or quad-Core are capable of handling more operations simultaneously. PCs often have Intel or AMD processors.
  • Computer Storage: The amount of files, photos, movies that a PC or device can store is down to its hard drive. There are many different types of storage from hard disk drives, to solid-state drives and eMMC.
  • Graphics Card: For more complex and intensive programs like those used in gaming, a graphics card is often needed to handle the ever-changing graphics and behind-the-scenes processing.
  • PC Memory: When programs are running on your laptop, the data they are using is stored in the laptop's memory. Naturally, the larger the memory the more programs can be operating at once, so 4 GB RAM is more effective than 2 GB RAM. Similarly, more modern memory cards like the DDR4 are faster than older forms like the DDR2.

How Can I Connect my Laptop to Other Devices?

In order to connect your laptop to other laptops, or other electronics like TVs, different models come with their own connectivity options, such as:

  • Wireless Network: Many home and business Wi-Fi networks double as a way to share files across the network's devices.
  • Bluetooth: Pairing your laptop via Bluetooth to another piece of tech lets you share files or stream music and video in either direction.
  • USB or SATA Cable: To connect your netbook with storage devices that have more of your files, there are different kind of connections available. Whether it's USB, SATA or another type of connection will depend on your laptop and the storage device.

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