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Pleaser Women's Shoes

Pleaser shoes are designed in a range of styles, including high platform heels, classic stiletto high heels, and boots. The company offers an array of color and style choices in various high-heeled styles. Some of their shoe lines include Demonia, Fabulicious, Funtasma, and Bordello.

What are the different Pleaser women's shoes available?

Each of the Pleaser lines of shoes offer platform heels that are designed to accompany specialty costumes. Some of their lines include:

  • Demonia - Demonia offers goth-style selections made with black leather and colored lining and accents. Some also feature multiple belts.
  • Bordello - Bordello shoes, on the other hand, are often open toe heels and boots with printed or solid interiors and accents. This line features an array of glitters, rhinestones, and laces.
  • Pleaser - This line offers platform heels ranging from 5 to 10 inches in height. It also includes a range of heeled boots as well as 3- to 5-inch high heels.
  • Fabulicious - This shoe choice offers footwear for many special occasions, from flats to heels up to 6.5 inches in height as well as platform heel boots.
  • Pin Up Couture - These are retro-style shoes that are designed to bring back the look of a classic pin-up glamour image. Options for this line range from flats to platform heels with heel heights from 1.5 inches in height to 5.75 inches.
  • Pleaser Pink - These heels make use of faux fur, straps, metallic colors, and lace. Despite the name, these shoes are available in several colors, including black, red, beige, and white.
  • Pleaser Devious - This line comes made from a variety of materials and with numerous features. From metal spike heels to ballerina shoes to wood bottoms to 9-inch platform heels, these shoes are designed to be worn for many occasions.
What is the size range offered by Pleaser shoes?

Each line of shoes typically offers shoes from size 5 to size 11. Each style will have its own size range, so make sure that you're choosing the right size for your particular shoe style. The Pleaser Pink line offers a fuller size range, with shoes ranging in sizes from 5 to 16. Pleaser shoes come in whole sizes only.

What company manufactures Pleaser shoes?

Pleaser shoes are manufactured by Pleaser USA, a company that began by producing shows for exotic dancers and other entertainers. In 1993, Pleaser began to import and distribute high platform heels, including clear Lucite soles and heels. The company offers a variety of heel styles, heights, and shapes, and Pleaser distributes at least 8 brands of shoes to 110 countries. Pleaser produces a range of platform heels but also makes a variety of designs, heel heights, and styles.