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Get Every Advantage in Pokemon with Action Replay for Nintendo DSi

Pokemon fans know all about the time it takes to find all the rarest Pokemon and to level them to full strength. Action Replay has found a way to speed things up for you with a code changer that allows you to activate cheat codes. Find your own version of Action Replay for Nintendo DSi on eBay.

How does Action Replay for Pokémon work?

These devices are as close to plug and play as you can get. The instructions are simple:

  • Insert - Insert your game into the Action Replay slot and then stick the AR cartridge into the DSi.
  • Turn on - Turn on the DSi and the program should begin to display the list of cheat code options.
  • Select - Select which codes to turn on or off and make sure you confirm these changes.
  • Turn off - Turn off the DSi and remove the cartridge and the game from the AR slot.
  • Start - Stick the game into the DSi as you normally would, and start the game. Your changes should be automatically formatted into the game.
Are Action Replay codes backward compatible?

Unfortunately, the DSi version only works with DSi models. There are extra region and backup locks applied to Action Replay DSi that the previous version did not have. In this way, Action Replay editions are kept separate with nothing to bridge the gap. Each model of Nintendo requires its own set of Action Replay codes.

What Pokémon games is it compatible with?

You can use it with any Pokémon Ds game that was released before 'Pokémon Black 2' and 'Pokémon White 2' on account of Action Replay DSi Pokémon being discontinued after the first 'Pokémon Black' and 'Pokémon White' games. The games that Action Replay DSi allows includes the 'Pokémon Mystery Dungeon' games, 'Pokémon Dash,' and, of course, all of the Pokémon games that aren't spin-off titles.

Can you find Action Replay games in bundles?

There are a few different Action Replay versions that offer different sized slots for different sizes of game. Some versions also come with cheat books to help you take maximum advantage of Pokemon game opportunities. Some versions of Action Replay also come with game cartridges of compatible Pokemon titles so that you can set up your game the way you want and then play it right away. Others may offer items like the original USB cord and DVD-ROM that was included in the packaging of new, boxed versions.

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