Common Questions about Rackmount Server Cases

When it comes to your business's network, you're not only responsible for your servers' performance but also for their physical care and maintenance. When rackmount servers are used, it's imperative that they are stored in carefully crafted cases made from quality materials that are strong and properly ventilated. eBay offers a wide selection of inexpensive cases so you can find the right cases for your data room's needs.

What is a rackmount server case?

Rack servers, sometimes called rack-mounted servers, are computer servers that are designed to be installed into a framework called a rack. Racks contain multiple mounting slots called bays, and these are designed to securely hold the servers in place with screws. They are stored in low-profile rackmount cases, sometimes several units high.

One rackmount computer case can contain multiple bays, so that you can stack the servers one above the other. This configuration is commonly used as it consolidates network resources and minimizes the physical space used. Many cases are designed with ventilation, or they are designed to work efficiently with cooling methods to help avoid the possibility of heat buildup.

What qualities are desirable in a rackmount computer case?

eBay has a selection of new and used rackmount cases that have a variety of necessary and useful features. Cases are designed with varying numbers of rack units (U) with each equaling 1 3/4 inches. They offer the standard 19-inch width.

Some case manufacturers have crafted cases that reduce the noise from rack server setups to help keep your data room quiet. Others offer configurations, including ventilation or exhaust ducts that help prevent the heat buildup that can occur when you have multiple heat-dissipating devices together in a tight space. Quality cases should also be strong, durable, and provide security against physical theft.

What rackmount computer cases are available?

Server cases on eBay are available in varying unit heights from 1U to 4U and from a number of reputable brands like Chenbro, Cisco, Dell, Hewlett Packard, Norco, Rosewill, Supermicro, and more. They are mostly available in the standard 19-inch width, though units with slightly different sizes may be found. They are available in a variety of colors and materials, too, like durable aluminum and steel. Finally, they are available in an array of different configurations with some designed to keep heat buildup down and others to keep down noise. There are rackmount server cases available from eBay at very reasonable prices and with enough options to help you find the right case for your data center.

What are the advantages of rackmount server cases?

There are many benefits to using rack-mounted servers and cases including the following:

  • Space savers: Rack servers are designed to fit machines into closed cabinets, potentially saving you a lot of space.
  • Protection: Keeping servers in a cabinet protects them from dust, pests, climate issues, accidents, and more.
  • Easy access: With the right rackmount server case, when issues arise or maintenance is needed, it's easy to get to the servers and deal with the issue quickly.