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Ray-Ban Eyeglass Frames

Ray-Ban Eyeglasses

If you wear glasses, you dont need to limit your choices to the selection available in your optometrists office. You can also wear glasses from designer brands even if you don’t need vision correction. From traditional to trendy, Ray-Ban offers a wide variety of styles for men and women, ranging from rimless frame styles to classic sunglasses like Wayfarer and Aviator. Each pair usually offers a variety of finishes like Tortoise or colors, and sunglasses often also come with a choice of lens.

How does a person know what size frame to order?

If you like the fit of the glasses you are currently wearing, you can use the pairs measurements to determine the size of the frame that fits your face. You may be able to find these numbers on the inside of your frames, typically on the inside of the stem or along the bridge of the nose. The measurements are usually listed as the width of the frame, the distance between the lenses, and the length of the temple arm. The measurements you see are most often in millimeters.

Will these frames have lenses in them?

Typically, the eyeglasses are shipped with clear, non-prescription lenses. This makes them nearly ideal for those who enjoy wearing fashionable eyewear but dont need corrective lenses. If you want to use these frames to hold prescription lenses, it is recommended that you contact your eye care professional to determine if supplying your own frames is possible. Sunglasses often ship with your choice of lens.

How should eyeglasses fit?

For a good fit, your eyeglasses should be slightly wider than the width of your face. If your temple comes into contact with your face too soon and it feels uncomfortable, then your sunglasses are too small. The frame should rest equally on both of your ears. There should, at most, be only a slight gap between the top of your nose and the bridge of the frame.

What eyewear shapes does Ray-Ban make?

Ray-Ban offers cat-eye and rimless glasses, plus four other distinct eyeglass shapes offered in both full-rim or semi-rim. These four basic shapes are round frames, rectangular frames, square frames, and aviators. Most frames are available in plastic, metal, or titanium. With semi-rim eyeglasses, the lenses are attached only at the top of the frame.

Cat-eye frames are typically a rounded frame that flares out and up near the temple. This style first came into favor during the 1950s and 1960s. Cat-eye shaped eyeglasses may be particularly flattering on women with diamond, square, and oval shaped faces.

Unisex eyeglasses are designed to be an appealing style for both men and women. They have no distinguishing features that would cause them to be labeled as masculine or feminine.

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