Record Player and Turntable Needles for Excellent LP Playback

Turntable and record player needles, which are also known as cartridges, are the parts of your turntable or record player that make contact with a record. Over time, these parts wear out, and when you need a new turntable cartridge, eBay is the easiest place to find a replacement.

What types of turntable needles are there?

Almost all turntable cartridges are composed of the same parts; they usually contain cantilevers, magnets, and suspensions that are necessary for the proper operation of your record player. These parts conduct sound from the grooves of a record to the inner components of the turntable, and they each serve an important function. Most cartridges also have diamond tips, which are the only parts that make direct contact with records. There are some variances between the different types of parts that are included with cartridges that you should keep in mind as you make a decision, such as:

  • Stylus shapes: When it comes to the different shapes of styli that are offered for record player needles, you have a choice to make between elliptical and conical diamond tips. The conical style has a wide impact radius, but the elliptical style has a thin impact radius, which allows it to track more effectively.
  • Cantilever styles: Cantilevers transfer kinetic energy from the stylus tip to the magnet, and they need to be light and responsive. Some cantilevers are made of aluminum, but others may be made from copper and boron.
  • Mount type: Most needles mount the same way, but some may have alternative mounting styles that it helps to be aware of as you make a decision.
Which brands make turntable needles?

Many brands make record needles, and there may be slight variances between the offerings made by the various brands. Here are some of the companies that make this type of audio equipment:

  • Shure
  • Audio-Technica
  • Pickering
  • Sony
  • Pioneer
  • Philips
How do you pick the right record player needle?

The most important factor youll need to consider as you pick out the right needle for your record player or turntable is brand compatibility. Some record players and turntables are only compatible with cartridges made by certain brands, and youll want to make sure that the cartridge youre interested in will work with your device before you make a final selection. From there, youll need to pick between the different diamond needle shapes that are offered.