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Robert Lee Morris Fine Jewelry

The right piece of jewelry can complete an outfit and even add an extra bit of flair. Robert Lee Morris offers a collection of necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings for both men and women. Designs can range from organic to futuristic. Consider a few things before you make your purchase.

What kind of pieces does Robert Lee Morris make?

Robert Lee Morris jewelry draws inspiration from nature, fashion, and art, combined with modern design. He works with a variety of materials, including gold, silver, brass, wood, and stone, to construct pieces in a variety of jewelry styles for men and women.

  • The Robert Lee Morris Soho collection features pieces such as the multi-row color wheel necklace, which combines silver pendants, leather cords, and turquoise, tangerine, and lemon enamel.
  • The classic Robert Lee Morris Collection offers elegant jewelry like his sculptural, two-tone wired warrior collar necklace.
  • Bold pieces from his Limited Edition collection include a necklace with dual layers of dark wood and gold-plated brass.
What kinds of necklaces does Robert Lee Morris make?

Necklaces are available in gold and sterling and can include stones. Multimedia necklaces come in varying combinations of sterling, 14-carat gold, and brass. Traditional metal chains as well as cotton or leather cords are available.

  • A leather cord necklace can feature a single pendant such as a sterling sand dollar.
  • The mosaic necklace from the RLM Soho collection incorporates a cluster of turquoise stones, wood, and mother of pearl.
  • The 36-inch disk chain from the Sterling Silver collection uses a mix of large and small hammered silver circles in its design.
What kinds of earrings does Robert Lee Morris make?

The Robert Lee Morris collection includes a broad range of earrings made of gold, sterling, brass, and stone. Organic designs are a recurring theme.

  • The flat bean linear hooked earrings from the RLM collection come in sterling or 14-carat, plated brass.
  • Gamma drop earrings from the RLM collection come in gold or silver plated brass and feature a small open tear-drop inverted above a larger tear-drop base.
What kinds of bracelets does Robert Lee Morris make?
  • Chain bracelets in silver, brass, and hematite are available with or without charms.
  • The wide hammered silver bangle from the RLM Soho collection features a hinge opening.
  • The adjustable twist cuff from the RLM collection is reminiscent of ancient Greek designs and is made of gold plated brass. The collection also includes a matching necklace and pair of earrings.
What men's jewelry does Robert Lee Morris make?

Sculptural designs are featured in the Sterling Silver collection for men, which includes necklaces, bracelets, and rings.

  • Sterling ring designs include whittled bands, signets, and square wheel rings.
  • Sterling pendants are strung on black cords or silver chains.
  • Heavy sterling bracelets are made of smooth bar or oval links.

Taking into account the intended wearer as well as the materials and designs of the jewelry available will help you decide which pieces to purchase.

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