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Position the Roland Jupiter 8, and Expand Your Sound

It’s not enough to have a single line with which to create your music. The compact Roland Jupiter 8 instead gives you eight voices to combine for a mix that you can call your own, and you can find it on eBay. The connections are fast, and the entire assembly is laid out with programmable keys to which you could assign sound.

Does a synthesizer create only electronic music?

Synthesizers, like the flexible Roland Jupiter 8, store natural sounds and acoustic instruments. This storage is in conjunction with electronic effects that you can’t duplicate with a bass, guitar, or drum set. This synth also accepts sounds that are uploaded to give you a lot more to alter and adjust. Each sound, though set at an exact frequency, can be edited to recreate it the way you see fit.

About control and sound

The convenient Roland Jupiter 8 achieves its ease of use by centralizing the tools you need into one place. Here’s what you can find all in one module:

  • MIDI control: Being a MIDI control allows the Roland Jupiter 8 to pair with other devices and to create its own music without the connection of other instruments.
  • 61 keys: These keys fit the mold of a piano but can be adjusted to sound a like a bass guitar or a drum set. The wealth of 61 keys spreads out a healthy amount of space where your creativity can thrive.
  • High-pass filter: Attenuation helps you to single out high frequencies while eliminating the others. You decide on the outcome with direct controls.
  • Low-pass filter: Editing your final sound may require that you extract the lower frequencies for the right tone, and this filter helps you do that.
  • 64 patches: Patches are the sounds that come with the module’s database. You have 64 tones to use from the start.
Jupiter 8 variations

Some variations to the Jupiter 8 available on eBay are:

  • The vintage analog: This is how you get a hold of vintage sounds that aren’t being used in the newer Roland Jupiter 8 modules.
  • Boutique series: What makes this option unique is that it offers newer sounds but at a much smaller size.
  • Special edition: This edition works to extend the life of your module with a dust and spill cover for protection.
  • New and used: Listed are new models and those used that hold classic tones no longer in use.
  • 49 keys: The standard Jupiter 8 uses 61 keys, but you can grab something smaller with 49.
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