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Rufskin Men's Swimwear

For men who want to show off their physiques while they are at the beach or pool, choosing flattering leisurewear important. Rufskin comes in a variety of men's styles that will get them noticed. This company creates an excellent variety of looks in attractive colors and prints.

What are some styles of swimwear available from Rufksin?

The Rufskin brand of swimming apparel can be worn for beach sports, such as sand volleyball, swimming, and more. The bikini-bottom styles available include the Micro, the Pike, the Team, the Vitale, and the Myko. Each provides you with a different level of coverage.

If you desire more coverage, you can find that in options such as the Walker, the Glide, the Ace, the Cardiff, and a few others. This swimming apparel line features several provocative looks as well for men who are especially confident in their physique. Whether you want to show off a bit or just want to be comfortable by the pool, Rufskin has it all.

How are Rufskin swimwear fabrics different than underwear?

Rufskin makes its swimwear with both comfort and quality in mind. Many of the suits that you can find from Rufskin are made of polyester and spandex. They may also feature a Velcro fly. Underwear from Rufskin, on the other hand, is made out of cotton mesh and isn’t intended for the water. However, you can also find underwear from Rufskin made out of cotton and mesh blended with spandex and other materials.

What colors does Rufskin swimming apparel come in?

With Rufskin, you can find standard colors, such as black and white. There are also fun colors available for many Rufskin swimming apparel products, such as mint green, sky blue, and hot pink. The apparel also features a variety of contrasting color combinations and patterns. A wide range of prints are available to accentuate your sense of individuality as well.

What are some other products available from Rufskin?

Rufskin is a men’s leisurewear line that is known for its aesthetic appeal and comfort. The brand also offers an extensive range of other men’s clothing. This includes jeans, sporting apparel, tops or tees, jackets, and lounge pants. You can also find clothing in a variety of classic materials, including denim and ultra suede. If you're feeling especially confident about your physique, Rufskin also makes a variety of leggings made out of cotton, spandex, and nylon.

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