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SOREL Boots for Men

SOREL Mens Winter Boots

SOREL has been in the boot industry for decades and has created a range of winter boots for men. From their SOREL Caribou boots to the Conquest to the Portzman winter boot, SOREL offers several lines of insulated men’s boots.

How does SOREL construct its winter boots?

SOREL winter mens boots consist of a combination of wool, felt, and premium leather. The boots feature a thick lining and patented technology on the exterior.

  • The upper of a SOREL snow boot, like the Caribou, is made from nubuck leather, which undergoes treatment so water tends to bead off its surface. These winter boots have a sealed seam and a full-height tongue. They come in lace and slip-on designs.
  • For the insides, a removable boot liner is fitted. Some SOREL boots have textile mesh or synthetic for the lining, and all of their snow boots and snow shoes are insulated.
  • SOREL uses vulcanized rubber for the bottom part of the snow boot. This shell is handcrafted and fitted with the proprietary AeroTrac non-loading outsole.
  • The bottoms of the winter boots are made from rubber and have small lugs.

How do you care for SOREL insulated winter boots?

Part of SOREL boot care is cleaning after use. Cleaning your insulated winter boots will remove salt lines and other dirt particles.

Whether it’s a leather, suede, fur, or rubber boot, use a damp cloth for SOREL boot cleaning. You can apply a protector to materials like leather and suede.

After cleaning, air-dry the snow boots in an open area to allow them to breathe.

For ThermoPlus boot liners, you can use a damp cloth to spot clean the liners. You should never put the four-layer liner in a washing machine or dryer. If you have recycled felt liners in your boots, use a mild detergent to hand wash them.

What are the temperature ratings of SOREL boots?

When buying a snow boot, it helps to check the temperature rating indicated by the manufacturer so that you can pick the right SOREL shoes for specific weather conditions. A temperature rating is the minimum temperature level at which a boot will continue to provide warmth. SOREL boots come in various models, so the ratings differ among them. They range from between -0 degrees to -100 degrees Fahrenheit. These ratings should only be used as guides. The Caribou, for example, is rated at -40 degrees. Boot liners will help create more warmth.

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