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What Are the Specifications of Samsung 2 TB Storage Capacity External Hard Disk Drives?

External hard drives offer portable data storage options with a high capacity. Most are compatible with Windows and Mac products as well as many smartphones, but reformatting may be required when swapping between systems. Hard drives connect to computing devices using USB ports and cables. Samsung offers a range of external hard drives with different memory capacity, speed, and cost. The 2 TB option is suitable for home use for storing files, software, videos, music, or images and for professional use in both transporting data and serving as a backup device. Modern external hard drives do not require a separate power supply and need only be connected via USB.

Types of External Hard Disk Drives

Two main technological types of external hard drive are manufactured by this brand with 2 TB of memory storage. See the manufacturer site for size details.

  • Hard Disk Drives: In the 2 TB range, HDDs are the most common. External HDDs store their memory on magnetic disks and have the advantage of a larger memory for their price than other technologies, at the cost of a slight vulnerability to shock and impact damage and a reduced read and write speed.
  • Solid State Drives: Less common than HDDs, solid state drives, provide more expensive data storage options, with increased benefits. External SSDs store their memory in arrays of electric circuits with no moving parts. This increases their resistance to impact damage and can increase data lifespan, as well as greatly increasing read and write speed. The Samsung Portable SSD T3 is an example of this type of external SSD.

Colors and Designs of 2 TB External Hard Disk Drives

2 TB drives have a small and slim design, maximizing portability. Some are slimline, thinner than other models, and particularly useful when paired with laptops to enhance portable memory options. Some also feature bevelled edges to aid in portability. A range of colors are offered:

  • Colors: Black, coral blue, pink, red, white, and purple. Some of these colors also have metallic versions.

What Accessories are Available for HDDs?

Several accessories can enhance the usability and functionality of external drives.

  • Cases: Carry cases protect portable hard drives from the elements and from shock in transit. They are available in different colors and designs to match both individual style and external drive design and color.
  • USB Cables: While drives come with their own cable, replacement cables also come separately. Ensure that any new cables match the connection type on your hard drive. USB-C, also known as Type-C, is becoming the standard, but some models may use either miniUSB or microUSB connections.

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