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Samsung Cell Phones and Smartphones

Samsung Cell Phones and Smartphones

Bigger, better, and more bang for your buck: the Samsung Galaxy Note9 is here. Samsung made some big promises about updating their tech, and with the Galaxy Note9, they hope to deliver. Not only does the phone have an updated design, but it also comes with a promised boost to power output as well. Here are a few of the new features you can expect when you’re ready to upgrade Samsung’s flagship phone.  


A camera that has a brain, the Note9’s Dual Aperture lens allows your device to adjust itself to the level of light before you snap, ensuring you get the perfect picture whether it’s midday or dusk. Your low-light shots turn out just as bright and clear as your sunny day snaps using HDR for crisp pictures any time of day. Both lenses offer 12 megapixels, Optical Image Stabilization to reduce blurriness, and a telephoto and wide-angle lens to give your shots variety and ensure you get the big picture without cutting off anything or anyone. Color optimization and multiple modes transform you from a novice to a professional, putting your friends’ Instagram feeds to shame. You can even make your own custom emojis and use them to chat with your friends.  

Power Up

One thing Samsung wanted to improve was battery performance, and with the Note9 you see a culmination of that work. This powerful phone offers all-day power on just one simple charge. Its 4000 mAh power core lasts all day without need of a charge, but when you’re ready, skip the tangled cords and opt for convenient and quick wireless charging. A super-fast processor means downloads happen faster, and you can opt for up to 512 GB of internal storage.  

Dazzle Me

The Note family is known for its screen sizes, and the Note9 also offers a large, easy-to-read display. Just like the Galaxy S8 and S8+, the Note9 features an Infinity Display for an almost border-less screen which runs from edge to edge smoothly and seamlessly. The 6.4-inch HD display works for everything from watching videos to writing emails or checking social media, and the lighting adjusts to your ambient light situation. 

Stylin’ Stylus

The Note9 boasts the S Pen, which makes this device different from all others. The water-resistant stylus gives users the freedom to write, annotate, browse, and draw with ultimate precision. The Note9 stylus has a hidden secret: it’s also a remote control. You can use it to do everything from pause video content to snap selfies. Take the hassle out of group photos with this invention; you don’t need a selfie stick anymore. Use it for PowerPoint slides during presentations, or to shuffle through songs, or draw on messages or web pages. The S Pen has 4096 levels of pressure a fine tip for added precision whether you’re writing out an email, taking notes, or sketching.   

More Galaxy Phones

Whether you’re in the market for your first Samsung Galaxy smartphone, you want to upgrade your current Galaxy phone to a newer S9, or you want to sell an oldS5, eBay is the place to start. You can find the S8,S7 orS7 edge,S6 orS6 edge,Note5, and all older models too. For elevated functionality look at the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+. Shop compatible accessories fromcases tochargers toscreen protectors and more. eBay is the one-stop shop for all things Galaxy, so update your tech in one spot and enjoy everything Samsung has to offer for the best prices.   

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