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About Samsung Galaxy S5
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Samsung Galaxy S5 - Price New and Used

New Price*
from $120 to $214
Used Price*
from $52 to $61
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Samsung Galaxy S5 Cell Phone
Samsung Galaxy S5
Operating System
Android 4.4.2 (KitKat), upgradable to 6.0 (Marshmallow)
5.1 in
Screen Resolution
16 MP Rear / 2 MP Front
Display Technology
Qualcomm MSM8974AC Snapdragon 801 (28 nm)
2 GB
5.11 oz
5.59 x 2.85 x 0.32 in
Samsung Galaxy S5 Smartphones

Keeping In Touch: Samsung Galaxy S5

Everyone wants to stay connected to one another, and smartphones have only made that easier. There are many types to choose from depending on what features and styles you would like to have. Options such as the Galaxy S5 can provide you with reliable performance and access to social media, text, the web, and more. Browse eBays listings for this model and others in new, refurbished, and used conditions.

What are some features of the Samsung Galaxy S5? 

The Galaxy S5 has a variety of features that smartphone users are looking for. Some of these features include:

  • The S Health App and heart rate monitor beside the camera lens that lets you monitor and track your health
  • An ultra power saving mode to reduce battery usage when you are away from your charger
  • Selective focus option on the camera that allows you to blur the background with a sharp foreground image
  • A fingerprint scanner to keep the contents of your device safe and secure

What operating system does the Galaxy S5 use?

The Galaxy S5 uses an Android operating system to function. This association with Android provides you with a variety of options to customize functionality with your Google accounts.

  • You can seamlessly use all Google associated apps on Android by using the pre-installed apps.
  • This operating system also allows you to easily use multiple apps at the same time without slowing down the entire system.
  • Samsung Galaxy users also benefit from using Google Play to download apps because the marketplace detects whether you are using a Galaxy S4 or Galaxy S5, for example, and provides you only with results that work for your specific device.

 What accessories are available for the Samsung Galaxy S5?

Like with most Samsung smartphones, you can find a range of accessories that work for this specific brand and model. These accessories help you use your Samsung for work, life, and play.

  • A phone case is an important accessory for your Samsung phone. This can help to protect your phone from damage if dropped, and it can also provide you with a way to customize your phone with your favorite color or image.
  • An arm band case for those who like to work out is useful because it can help you keep track of your phone as well as your fitness activity.
  • Samsung Galaxy phones also allow you to insert an additional SD card so that you can have plenty of room to store files, music, and photos that you like to carry with you.

Other Samsung Galaxy S Models

The S5 represents a unique stage in the changing trends that inform each and every Galaxy S model, and it is a worthy transition to make from models like the Samsung Galaxy S, S II, S III, and S4. For a collector of the series, or for plans for future trade-ins, consider also the models that have taken its innovations and moved forward. The Samsung Galaxy S6, S7, and S8 models each have their own characteristics that leave them standing out. Upcoming 2018 releases, the Samsung Galaxy Samsung S9 and Samsung S9+ models are still more options to consider, and to count them out would leave a collection incomplete.


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