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Sekonic Photography Light Meters

Sekonic Photography Light Meters

Sekonic light meters are invaluable camera tools for professional and amateur photographers. These devices help photographers to measure several things, giving them accurate information about shutter speeds and other data. Sekonic meters come with a variety of useful features, ranging from wireless capability to the ability to calculate ambient flash exposure.

What do Sekonic meters measure?

There are two main things that Sekonic meters measure. Most of these devices measure ambience, which occurs naturally in a scene. Many Sekonic devices can also measure flash, which allows photographers to gauge the ambient-to-flash ratio. This gives photographers precise control over their exposures.

What measuring methods can be used with Sekonic light meters?

These devices are compatible with two main measuring methods: incident light measuring and reflected light measuring. The first refers to the light falling on the subject. This type of measurement is typically used when photographers and their subjects are in the same lighting conditions. The second refers to the light being reflected by the subject. Photographers use this information when shooting a subject in different lighting conditions, and to determine the brightest and darkest aspects of a scene.

What modes do these light meters offer?

These meters give photographers many ways to capture and measure light. They also have an accurate flashmeter that provides information as well. Some of the available modes include:

  • Shutter Priority - This allows you to set a desired speed so the camera can adjust its aperture accordingly.
  • Aperture Priority - This is the opposite of shutter priority; it lets you set a desired value and automatically adjusts the shutter speed.
  • Simple Illumination - This mode has both lux and foot-candle measurements.
  • Simple Brightness - This mode has both foot-lambert and cd/m2 measurements.
  • Flash Duration Analysis - This mode is configurable from t0.5 to t0.1.
  • Cordless Flash - With this mode, you can detach the flash and still use it with your camera.
  • Multiple Flash - This mode allows you to create multiple exposures in just one frame.
What other features do these meters offer photographers?

Sekonic light meters are multi-functioning, providing photographers with additional features like:

  • Color Touch Screen - These light meters are equipped with color, touchscreen displays that allow photographers to access measurements with a swipe of the finger.
  • High Speed Synch - Some of these meters measure high-speed sync, which improves consistency during situations where photographers are constantly changing their shutter speed.
  • Spot Metering - Spot metering allows photographers to take selective measurements of specific areas. Many of these devices have measuring angles of just one degree, which allows for highly specialized calculations.
  • Wireless Compatibility - These meters can connect to PocketWizard, Phottix, and Elinchrom products.
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