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Take Photos with a Sigma 12 24 Lens

A Sigma 12 24 lens can be just what you need for your SLR camera. There are various options for the wide-angle lens. Shop eBay to find affordable new and used lenses to suit your photography needs.

What does a Sigma 12 24 lens do?

A Sigma 12 24 lens is categorized as an ultra wide-angle lens. It is a zoom lens, allowing you to adjust the focal length between 12mm and 24mm. This allows you to take wide-angle photos of landscapes and large groups of people without having to back up too far from the subject. The shorter the focal length, the more likely youre going to experience distortion around the edges as it curves. Some aspherical lenses will compensate for the curve to provide a higher-quality image.

What kinds of mounts are available?

The mount on the lens needs to match that of the camera body. Without a matching mount, an adapter ring needs to be used. Sigma is a third-party manufacturer, so it produces lenses for a number of different camera brands. There are a few common mount brands to search for, including:

  • Canon EF
  • Nikon AF
  • Pentax K
  • Sony E-Mount
What might be included in a custom bundle?

You can find a number of affordable custom bundles on eBay. This provides you with the accessories needed to protect your lens and enhance your photo shoots. Every custom bundle is different, allowing you to choose which one provides you with what you need based on what you photograph and where you prefer to work.

  • Lens hood: Avoid images being over-exposed by the sun on bright days.
  • Lens case: Protect the elements of the lens when its being carried around.
  • Filters: Compensate for various lighting scenarios with haze, UV, and other filters.
  • Lens leash: Keep the cap of the lens in place when taking photographs.
  • Cleaning kit: Be able to clean the lens of smudges and dirt.
What is the maximum aperture on the lens?

The maximum aperture on the lens has to be a consideration in your lens selection. When youre shooting in dark situations, you want a large aperture. This will allow sufficient light into the lens when the shutter is open. The smaller the aperture number, the larger the opening is. Without a large aperture opening, you would need to alter the shutter speed to a slower speed or use a flash unit. Common aperture settings include f/4, f/4.5 and f/5.6.

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