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Finding 35mm Movie Projectors

Now considered antiques, Simplex 35mm projectors are a part of film history. These projectors were innovative for their time, and though some people may still enjoy using them or rebuilding them, many collectors simply add them to an existing camera and film collection, while others are on display in film museums for public view. There are some things to know when youre a shutterbug looking to add one of these systems to your arsenal of photo equipment.

What Are Some Facts About These Projectors?

Originally, the 35mm format was developed and used by movie studios to film movies. Typically inserted vertically, cinematographers realized that you could run the film horizontally in order to create wide shots with ease and without wasting film.

  • This company has a secure place in history as its projectors offered many firsts that paved the way for future manufacturers, such as shockproof gears, slip-in aperture plates to allow users to change them when desired, and the one-shot oiling system.
  • At one time, the company was the leading manufacturer of projectors used in America cinemas.
  • The year 1930 marked the first wide-screen 35mm projectors available from the company.

What Features Do the Projectors Offer?

These 35mm projectors offer a bevy of features that range from simple to complex. For true camera connoisseurs, these movie projectors offered features that made them inherently engaging for being ahead of their time.

  • Front and back synchronized shutters were pioneered by the company, making this a fairly noteworthy feature of its 35mm projectors. This meant that the picture came out sharper due to the dissolving light feature that happened because of the dual shutters, making for a crisp onscreen image.
  • The high arc lamp equipped the projectors with a strong, bright light source meant for special purposes, such as projection. These carbon arc lamps were made to emit strong light and last longer than the first incarnations of arc lighting.
  • This brand created silent and sound projectors, depending on the year and model of projector. Sound was produced around the 1930s and quickly became the go-to projector for most studios and theaters.

What Are Some 35mm Projector Models?

When looking at these types of projectors, youll encounter a few models that stand out based either on their features or on the high-tech benefits they offered, especially during early filmmaking.

  • The Simplex XL Peerless model is a powerhouse projector, with a Dolby Stereo soundhead and a carbon arc lamp plus rectifier. This projector features an 18-inch feed along with 4-inch lens holders and the signature aperture plates.
  • The Standard Silent projector features the Brenkert model carbon arc lamp. The projector includes a three-point pedestal, hand crank, and front shutter drive. Its an older model dating back to the 1920s.
  • The brand put out a portable projector called the Acme style. This is an optical sound projector with a tape splicer, Dolby analog sound, and a 1,000-watt lamphouse.

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