Skate Shoes for Men

Everything You Need to Know About Skate Shoes for Men

Skating is a hobby and a profession. Skating originated in Finland more than 4,000 years ago. Although it was first done on snow during winter, the sport has evolved. Today, recreational skating is the most common type of skating. Skating shoes are vital for skaters because they offer foot and ankle support. These shoes are made from different materials depending on the specifications of the manufacturer. There is a wide variety of skate shoes that can be distinguished by their features and design.

What types of skate shoes for men are there?

You can choose between high, middle, or low-cut shoes, depending on your style and preference. The height of the shaft is used to differentiate between these shoe types.

  • High-tops: High-top shoes have a higher shaft than other shoes. The shaft ends above the ankle, offering you more stability. Since they are stable, your ankles will be safe and cushioned while skating. High-top shoes will also keep you warm. This is an advantage while skating because warm joints move better.
  • Mid-tops: Mid-top shoes are your best choice when you can't decide between low-top or high-top shoes. Mid-top shoes give you more stability and padding, which is what you need when skating. The shaft of these athletic shoes is at or just under your ankle. So, you'll be stable when skating. Most mid-tops can be used as transitional shoes.
  • Low-tops: Low-top shoes are the standard model of skating shoes. They are lighter than the other shoes, and they have better insoles, providing better cushioning. In addition to being good for skating, you can also wear low-tops as a casual everyday shoe.
How do skate shoes for men fit?

When buying skate shoes for men, consider that the sizes differ based on the manufacturer. A lot of the time, skate shoes will have a looser fit than other shoes. Make sure you check the manufacturer's site if you are unsure about how your skate shoes will fit.

What are the popular skate shoes for men?

The list below includes some of the best skate shoes for men.

  • adidas: adidas skateboarding is a giant German sports apparel brand. The firm owns an impressive collection of skate shoes. adidas has worked to reduce its carbon footprint with their shoes. Some of the shoes in the collection are limited edition while others are all-terrain skate shoes.
  • Converse: Converse produces some of the most street-savvy skate shoes in the market. After Nike bough the company in 2003, the brand shifted to skateboarding shoes. Converse skate shoes look and feel great.
  • Nike: Nike has been successful in producing skate shoes. The innovative technology has produced some classic designs that you can enjoy. Nike has greatly impacted the visibility of skateboarding. Nike delivers their shoes in box.
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