Getting Acquainted With Kodak Film Slide Trays

Slide trays can assist photographers in a couple of ways. A Kodak slide tray allows you to organize slides to boost productivity and efficiency. They can also be used to expedite the development process.

What are Kodak slide trays?

Kodak slide trays are medium-size pieces of hardware designed to house small amounts of undeveloped photographs. In some cases, the product is shaped like a horizontal filing cabinet. In others, the hardware is shaped like a small carousel. Kodak carousels are constructed with 360 degrees of movement installed. The product is often constructed with coarse, gunmetal aluminum. The hardware is professional grade, which means it is compatible with high-end devices. Hardware is rarely larger than the target device. The tray is entirely self-contained and does not connect to other pieces of hardware.

What can Kodak slide trays do for you?

The slide trays are designed to allow greater amounts of air to enter the development area. This allows you to develop photos more quickly and with greater color accuracy. Using a slide tray may also assist in retaining clarity of motion in some photographs. The trays can also function as tools for containment and organization.

How do you use Kodak slide trays?
  • Take undeveloped photographs and place them neatly in the designated reception areas. When first using the carousel, make sure the reception area is free of dust or debris. A clear reception area aids in producing clearly developed photographs.
  • Close the device securely. Ensure that photographs are not overly subject to contact with outside forces. Air is an essential aspect of developing photographs, so make sure there is enough space for some to enter and leave freely.
  • Let the photographs sit for as long as is required. Instructions for development times are available on Kodak's website for exact time frames. Time frames are often contingent on photographs' size and the vibrancy of their colors.
Are these slide trays universal?

The hardware can be used with any photographs. That said, the device does have some exclusive functionality with slide projectors made by the same manufacturer. Kodak slide projectors can connect directly to the carousel, a process that allows the developed photographs to be displayed as soon as they are developed. Photos being displayed are not constrained by size. In the event the photograph is too small or too large, the projector will correct the aspect ratio accordingly. Software is available from the manufacturer to allow you to tailor this process to your needs. Options include the ability to keep the original aspect ratio or force smaller images to stretch in accordance with projection hardware. The widening option is the default setting.

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