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Choosing New Headphones

With so many kinds of headphones on the market, it's hard to know just which is going to be right for your needs. Sony's range extra bass headphones are ideal for those that live for their music and enjoy the pumping bass sounds whether working out, traveling, or chilling out at home. You can find both over-ear headphones and in-ear headphones from this brand. 

Why Do You Need Headphones with Bass?

Bass is an integral part of music and so having headphones with a good amount of bass is important to achieve good sound particularly for certain styles of music. 

  • No tinny sounds: Headphones that have little or no bass mean that music sounds tinny, high pitched, and just annoying. 
  • You can fully enjoy music: Since bass is all the low sounds in music or audio, you are able to hear every part of the music or audio whether it's low voices, thunder rumbles, bass guitar, or drums. 

What Extra Bass Models Can I Find?

Extra bass headphones ensure that you can really hear the bass in your music or audio, just like you are at a concert or cinema with power speakers, only that same feeling replicates over your ears. Just some of the models you can find from Sony include:

  • MDR-XB650BT/L: These wireless headphones come in blue or black and have soft cushioned ear cups plus an adjustable headband. You can connect to your smartphone using Bluetooth or NFC and you'll find a four-hour charge gives you up to 30 hours of battery life. The extra bass technology provides clear, deep, resonating bass that is perfect for listening to hip-hop or electronic music. You can also enjoy hands-free calling as there is a built-in mic and button on the headset that is compatible with certain smartphones. 
  • MDR-XB950N1: These are wireless headphones with the power of extra bass. You'll find noise cancellation which cuts out ambient noise, so you can enjoy your audio better plus you have a great 22 hours of battery life. You have wireless listening when you connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth or NFC one-touch pairing. Comfortable ear pads are included, and they come in soft carry case. 
  • MDR-XB50BS: These in-ear headphones come with great features and are ideal for exercising or training. They have a splash proof design, so they will not damage if you get caught in some light rain and are tough enough to withstand demanding workout routines. The extra powerful bass gives you motivation to move and keeps you energized. You can connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth and answer calls wirelessly. 

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