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Enjoy a Refreshing Dip in Speedo Men's Swimwear

Since 1914, Speedo has been one of the leading manufacturers of men's swimwear. The next time you plan on heading to the beach, sunbathing on your lawn, or swimming in a pool, slip into a pair of Speedo swim shorts or briefs. Their many designs and cuts available on eBay help you find the ideal swimwear for everything from leisure activities to professional sports.

Understanding the differences between Speedo suit styles

Find the right cut of swimsuit on eBay by learning a little about how Speedo labels their various suit styles.

  • Swim briefs: This small style is cut high on the leg and only covers the buttocks and private parts.
  • Aquashorts are tightly fitted swimwear that stops at the top of the thigh but covers slightly more than swim briefs.
  • Board shorts: Board shorts are long and loose shorts that typically tie in the front with a drawstring and reach the top of the knee.
  • Jammers: Jammers have a longer length but are tightly fitted throughout the hips and leg.
  • Swim trunks: Speedo swim trunks have a mid-thigh length and are usually slightly loose.
Finding your size in Speedo swimwear

Whether you are getting board shorts, brief trunks, aquashorts, or any other Speedo swim style, the sizing for the company remains the same. Speedo's sizing ranges from size 22 to size 44. To find the size that fits you, use a measuring tape or ruler and string to measure around your waist and hips. Then compare this to the sizing chart to determine what size of swim shorts you wear. size up for a looser fit or down if you prefer figure-hugging swimwear. See the manufacturer site for details.

What features are available in Speedo athletic swimwear?

If you get Speedo's athletic or tech swimsuit designs, they will come with features to assist in swimming. These are typically engineered from Lycra, spandex, and other form-fitting materials that reduce drag. Some new Speedo designs have grooved swim fabric that encourages water to flow over the swimmer in optimal patterns. You can also find features like cross-taped supports that help the swimsuit stretch for a variety of up and down kicking styles.

What are the advantages of buying used Speedos?

When you shop for pre-owned Speedo men's swimwear, you can find fun retro patterns and vintage designs no longer made by the brand. Some pre-owned items are also more affordable, so you can get premium swimwear for cheap prices.