Storage Benches

When you have winter clothing, books, and other items that you just don't have a place for, adding a storage bench can help. By using a bench for additional storage, you can make your home more organized and give yourself some additional seating. There are a wide range of options to choose from, particularly when it comes to types, materials, and style.

What types of storage benches are there?

There are 5 main types of storage benches:

  • Flip top: This traditional storage bench has a top on hinges. When you lift the top up, you reveal a large open cavity underneath. This cavity is usually large enough to hold decorative pillows and throw blankets for the living room or additional pillows in the bedroom.
  • Cubby: These storage bench options have open fronts with rectangular or square spaces to store useful items. This bench may be appropriate for those who want to store items that are regularly used.
  • Drawer: This type of storage bench has a solid top and frame with several pull-out drawers. While this bench does not offer as much storage space as other types, you can pull items out without disturbing anyone or anything that is sitting on the top.
  • Shoe: This bench has multiple cubby holes so that you can store footwear near the door. Some benches also have small drawers on top where you can store gloves, hats, and other outdoor clothing items.
  • Cabinet: A cabinet storage bench has cupboard doors on the front that swing open. Like drawer benches, this type of bench gives you easy access to your items.
What materials are storage benches made from?

The different types of storage benches can come in a wide variety of finishes and styles. These include:

  • Wood: Wood is the most common materials used for storage benches. This type of finish is versatile, meaning you can use the benches in the bedroom, family room, or entryway.
  • Metal: You are most likely to find a metal storage bench in a garage or workshop due to its design and durability.
  • Wicker: A wicker bench can often be used for outdoor storage since this piece of furniture is often weather resistant. These benches usually have plush cushioning on top to provide a comfortable place to lounge.
  • Plastic: Benches made out of plastic also make appropriate outdoor furniture storage options as they keep items inside safe and dry.
  • Leather: Leather benches may be found in living rooms, bedrooms, and entryways.
What styles do storage benches come in?

There are 4 main styles of storage benches:

  • Traditional: These timeless pieces are often made of wood with a stain or paint finish.
  • Contemporary: A contemporary storage bench may utilize multiple black or white materials with a minimalist design.
  • Cottage: A cottage storage bench may have a rustic, worn look to it.
  • Industrial: An industrial bench may look like it just came off the factory floor.