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Stuff Magazine was a mens magazine that featured sexy women in pictorials, interviews, and articles of technological gadgetry geared toward younger males. The magazine was published by Dennis Publishing as the sister magazine to Maxim mens publication. Both formats shared the goal of entertaining primarily 18- to 30-year-old men with their sexy photo spreads, cover features, intriguing interviews, trivia, humor, and product reviews of items like sports cars, computers, cellphones, video games, and more.

When did Stuff magazine cease publishing in the U.S.?

Unfortunately for its many young male fans, the American issues ceased to be published after the October 2007 edition. At this point in the United States, it only survived as a special section within issues of its sister publication, Maxim magazine. Those already paid subscribers to the magazine were given Maxim issues in lieu of Stuff.

Is Stuff Magazine still published internationally?

Haymarket bought out the international rights to Stuff and refocused it to be primarily a tech gadgets review magazine for men. Despite this, the United Kingdom editions still feature a partially or nearly nude woman on the cover and several more revealing pictures inside the magazine. It is still published in all several international locations, which include U.K., Germany, Russia, the Czech Republic, France, Thailand, the Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Korea, Vietnam, and Mexico to name a few.

What kinds of interviews did Stuff magazine publish?

Interviews were generally with famed singers, actresses, models, and female wrestlers at the time. The U.S. issues of the magazine never contained any nudity at the time, although it attempted to show pictures that were quite revealing.

Who are some of the more popular models Stuff featured?

There have been countless beautiful female fashion models, actresses, wrestlers, authors, and musicians featured in Stuff through the years. Among the most popular that were featured have been the following:

  • Heidi Klum (model)
  • Daisy Fuentes (model)
  • Carmen Electra (actress and model)
  • Jennifer Lopez (actress and singer)
  • Pamela Anderson (model and actress)
  • Alyssa Milano (model and actress)
  • Ivanka Trump (author and model)
  • Brooke Burke (actress and model)
Are the magazines back issues collectible?

Yes, some of them are considered collectible. The collectible nature of Stuff issues depends heavily on who graces the cover. Some of these issues are highly collectible while others are not and are considered standard issues. In any case, the most popular cover girl issues can still be found in various conditions.