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Buick Lucerne Taillights

The taillights represent one of the most important safety features when youre behind the wheel of your Buick Lucerne luxury sedan is the taillights. With options available for every driver, year and model, this comprehensive collection makes it easy for you to equip your Lucerne with the indicators that it needs to ensure the safety of you and your passengers. Below you will find useful information to help assist you in choosing the specific parts that you may need for your CX or CXL Buick Lucerne.

What kinds of Buick Lucerne taillights are available?

The two types of lighting innovations most commonly used in Buick taillights are incandescent bulbs and light-emitting diodes (LEDs). Incandescent bulbs are the more conventional option and consist of a glass housing, a metallic filament, and a conductive base. These types of lights are rated to last between 1,000 and 2,000 hours. LEDs are composed of a variety of semiconductor materials and are more energy efficient. The lifespan of an LED is usually around 50,000 hours, or 5.7 years.

How do you install Buick Lucerne taillight assemblies?

Replacing the taillight assemblies in your Buick requires the replacement of only four parts. Removing the old parts and installing replacements is easy with some basic shop tools.

  • Open the hood to disconnect the negative battery terminal and then open the trunk. Locate and remove the fasteners holding the plastic trunk liner in place and remove the liner from the vehicle to expose the outer taillight assembly.
  • Pick a side with which to start and remove the three bolts at the rear of the assembly with a socket wrench. Pull the assembly out of the vehicle and disengage the electrical harness. Discard the assembly. Insert the new assembly into the socket, engage the electrical harness, and insert the bolts.
  • Use a flat-blade tool to remove the fasteners inserted into the lining of the trunk door. Pull back the liner and remove the two bolts holding the inner taillight assembly in place. Pull the inner taillight assembly out of its socket and disconnect the electrical wiring.
  • Discard the assembly, connect the electrical wiring to the new assembly, and insert it into the socket. Repeat these steps for the second taillight assembly. Then, reconnect the battery to test the taillights.
What are the benefits of smoked taillights?

Smoked taillights are very similar to normal taillights, but they make use of a tinted film to darken the appearance of your indicators on the road. Even with this unique aesthetic attribute, smoked taillights still produce the same amount of light as their conventional counterparts.