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Taillights for Buick Rainier

Make sure that the position your Buick Rainier holds on the road is clearly visible to other drivers with taillights that shine brightly. However, taillights for Buick Rainier aren’t all made the same, meaning that the opportunities for a custom look are nearly endless. Find the right taillights for your Buick Rainier SUV, and drive off into the sunset in style.

What kinds of Buick Rainier taillights are available?

Though the design and shape of taillight assemblies for the Buick Rainier models vary widely with the year of manufacture, the lighting devices contained behind the assembly lenses are invariably one of two types: incandescent bulbs or light emitting diodes (LED). Incandescent bulbs are considered the gold standard when it comes to taillights and have a rated life expectancy of about 2,000 hours in most cars.

When an electrical current is run through the filament contained within the glass housing of an incandescent bulb, a steady and powerful glow is emitted. LED lights don’t use a filament or glass housing and instead are constructed from a variety of semiconductor materials. Tiny LED diodes are usually arranged in a grid and use a small amount of electricity. LEDs also stay cool after hours of use and are rated to last 50,000 hours. That means you could leave an LED light running for 5.7 years before reaching the statistical burnout window.

How do you replace Buick Rainier taillight assemblies?

Replacing the taillight assemblies in your Buick Rainier follows a simple process that requires a socket wrench and about an hour of labor. However, it’s highly recommended that both assemblies be replaced at the same time, so follow these straightforward instructions to replace both of the taillight assemblies in your Buick Rainier.

  • With the engine off, disconnect the negative battery terminal and open the tailgate of your Buick vehicle.
  • Pick which side you want to start with and use a socket wrench to remove the two bolts holding the taillight assembly in place.
  • The assembly is still connected by a pin in the back, so gently wiggle it back and forth to free it from the housing.
  • Once the housing is free, disconnect the electrical wiring trailing from the back. Connect this wiring to the replacement assembly and carefully push it into the housing so that the rear pin engages.
  • Insert the two bolts to secure the assembly and repeat these steps for the opposite assembly. Reconnect the battery and fire up the engine to test your replacement taillights.
What are the benefits of Buick Rainier smoked taillights?

For those who want to differentiate their Rainier from the other vehicles on the road, smoked taillights are the way to go. These innovative taillights make use of a tinted film that’s applied to the inner surface of the taillight lens to provide a stealthy look that’s somewhat darker than your average taillight. However, smoked taillights still produce the same amount of illumination that’s necessary for a safe ride.