Taishan Saxophones

A saxophone is a woodwind instrument in the winds group with a single-reed mouthpiece, and there are several types that are categorized by pitch, size, as well as key. It is especially used in jazz and other forms of dance music. Taishan saxophones are made and constructed in China.

What are the types of Taishan saxophones?
  • Alto: The alto saxophone is the most common starter model in the sax group due to its small size. This woodwind has a moderately high-pitched tune in Eb, but not as high as a soprano.
  • Tenor: The tenor is pitched in Bb, which means the tenor will sound half an octave lower than its alto counterpart. This instrument has been a mainstay in jazz and brass band music for decades due to its deep tone. It can be used by intermediates and professionals.
  • Soprano: This is the highest pitched out of all sax types. The soprano is also smaller and 2.5 octaves higher than the alto. This is a straight-bodied instrument that is the third smallest saxophone type.
What are the main components of Taishan saxophones?
  • Neck: The neck is a removable, hollow metal tube that attaches to the body of alto and tenor saxophones. It has a cork on the end in order to hold the mouthpiece. There are different kinds, and if you replace the instrument neck with another, you can produce different notes and sounds.
  • Body: A sax body is a brass tube that either has ribbed keys that are soldered onto the tube or non-ribbed keys that are attached with hinges. The keys can be made out of brass or nickel depending on the sax quality level. Alto saxophones and tenor saxophones will have a curved body, while soprano saxophones have a straight body.
  • Rods: These parts support the body of your instrument. Student saxophones have silver rods.
What are some Taishan saxophone accessories?
  • Reeds: This part of the saxophone sits in the mouthpiece and is available in many different strength levels, ranging from 1.5 (the softest) to 4.5 (the hardest). If you are a beginner, you should probably use a softer reed.
  • Reed guards: Use these to store your reeds when you are not playing your saxophone.
  • Mouthpieces: Most instruments come with basic mouthpieces that players of any experience level can use. Seasoned or experienced players may choose to replace the standard mouthpiece to achieve more advanced notes and tones.
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