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The Firm Step/Riser Sets

The Firm Step Riser Sets

Step up your workout and feel the burn with equipment that is easy to store, transport, and use. The Firm step workout sets work the muscular parts of your abs, butt, and legs. This fitness equipment provides you with a moderate to high-intensity workout that focuses on cardio in short bursts.

What are the features of The Firm step risers?

The Firm step risers include safety and convenience features like the following:

  • Rubber feet: The rubber feet are located on the step risers legs. Each of the rising units has four rubber feet that help to provide balance and reduce scuffing or scratching to your floor as you build up a sweat.
  • Textured non-slip surface: The top of the fitness product has a textured, non-slip surface that allows you to move quickly without slipping or sliding as you work your abs or legs. The textured surface lets you mount with bare feet or while wearing athletic shoes.
  • Stackable platforms: The platforms stack on top of each other so that you can make a taller stepping surface. This also allows for more compact storage.

How do you choose The Firm exercise sets?

The Firm offers several exercise sets, each designed to give you a slightly different workout. The Wave combines balance board with incline to help tighten up the tummy muscles and work the glutes. The Firm fanny lifter is the step-up box that is used in many aerobic workouts. Mix, match, and combine these stepping products with the available DVDs to create a total body workout set.

  • Select a color: Available colors of these lower body cardio products include white, gray, blue, teal, purple, and black. The rubber feet of the Firm Fanny Lifters are black.

What colors does The Firm fanny lifter come in?

Personalize your home workout equipment with the color of your choice. The fanny lifter is available in

  • White
  • Gray
  • Blue
  • Teal
  • Purple
  • Black

How do you use The Firm fanny lifter workout sets?

The Firm Fanny Lifter stepping sets include two or more platforms that can be used alone or stacked to simulate a short flight of stairs. When you jump up onto the fanny lifter step from the floor, you exercise core muscles in your abdomen. Stepping up also exercises the bigger body muscles in your thighs and buttocks for quick results. The Firms Wave sets include a curved platform that can be used as a balancing riser. These sets can be used with The Firms workout DVDs. These videos offer instructions and tips on how to use the sets to increase your metabolism and muscle strength and provide equipment care instructions.

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