Tiger Beat Magazine Back Issues

The Tiger Beat is an American magazine geared toward teenagers and published by The Laufer Company. Tiger Beat magazines feature photos, posters, and interviews with celebrities who are mostly teens and tweens. Back issues of Tiger Beat can provide information about young celebrities from different eras.

Which age group is Tiger Beat for?

While the current target demographic for Tiger Beat is young female teens over the age of 13, many readers are as young as 9 or 10.

How far back to back issues of Tiger Beat go?

The availability of Tiger Beat back issues vary. You may find sets of four or more from the 1960s or single issues from the 1970s. If you're looking for something more recent, you may also discover Tiger Beat magazines from the 2000s. If you're looking for a particular celebrity, you may try a search for their name and as the cover generally shows the major celebrities featured inside, you could tell if he or she is portrayed in that issue.

What features are in Tiger Beat magazine?

The cover is designed as a collage with pictures of various celebrities cut out and randomly plastered on the page. Surrounding the pictures are names of the celebrities as well as teasers of what you'll find inside. You'll find large posters of the music and television celebrities at the time, contest entry forms, tour dates, quizzes, and polls. While the celebrities change regularly, the features have largely stayed the same throughout the years. You can discover much of the same information about celebrities from the 70s and 80s as you can from superstars in later years.

How often are publications of the magazine released?

Since the beginning, Tiger Beat has released new issues of the publication every month for girls. You may be able to find back publications of the teen magazine released outside of normal publication dates. This may be as a result of holiday specials or other occasions throughout the year. These publications can be hard to find and will often contain special contests or features.

How did Tiger Beat magazine start?

The first publication of the magazine was released in September 1965. The original producers of the magazine were Charles and Ira Laufer as well as a television producer named Lloyd Thaxton. The producers decided they wanted to create a magazine for teen girls with information about the current music, gossip, movies, and fashion. The magazine was initially called Lloyd Thaxton's Tiger Beat and featured a photo of him in the front page's left corner of every magazine. This continued until 1966 when the name of the publication changed to Tiger Beat.

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