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Tod's Driving Moccasins - Men's casual shoes

How to Select Tods Driving Moccasins

There are numerous types of mens casual shoes from which to choose. Driving shoes were created in Italy to give drivers more traction on pedals, making driving easier and more comfortable. They feature a rubber sole and a slip-on design, making them a functional and fashionable shoe for everyday wear. 

What Are Some Driving Moccasin Styles?

Tods offers its Gommino driving moccasin in several styles to meet almost every aesthetic.

  • Slip-on styles have a more distinctive look than the brands regular, classic shoe design does, with an open back into which you slip your foot. They also have a casual look and come in a variety of colors and fabrics, including navy and white.
  • Another style of driving shoes is the eyelet design that features metal hardware around the top of the shoe with laces woven in and out, giving the shoe the look of a loafer. The laces tie on the top of the shoe into a bow, and they vary in color, spanning from neutral brown to navy striped options.
  • Instead of laces, some models of driving shoes have a penny-loafer design with a horizontal cutout meant for a penny.

What Are Some Features of Driving Moccasins?

Driving loafers are more than just comfortable footwear. Tods shoes provide supportive and sturdy features that contribute to the comfort and lifespan of the shoes.

  • Moccasins and loafers for men offer Italian-made craftsmanship complete with the brands rubber-pebble outsole. This rubber sole adds grip to the shoes, minimizing the risk of slipping.
  • Mocs are made with an interior lining that provides comfort and support. This lining may be made of leather, and uppers are made of either leather or suede.
  • Shoes for men include exposed hand-stitching that signifies the work that goes into every pair of leather driver shoes and suede footwear. Some shoes feature embellishments, such as metal hardware, laces, and striped designs.

What Materials Comprise Driving Moccasins?

Mens footwear options come in many varied materials that give you a variety of shoe choices, whether youre looking for suede moccasins or leather loafers. 

  • Many classic mens loafers are made of leather. Some leather options include pebbled leather, hammered leather, and semi-shiny leather, which isnt quite matte leather but isnt as glossy as patent leather. There are also mens loafers and drivers made with a combination of leather and suede where textures vary from smooth to embossed.
  • Suede is another material frequently used in mens shoes. This soft fabric is used for the interior lining as well as for the exterior of suede styles, with one type of suede even being perforated.
  • Denim fabric creates a more casual, everyday style of loafers for men. These loafers come in numerous denim washes, such as light gray, distressed gray, or dark gray colors to coordinate with menswear.

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